Fairmont Historic Anaheim Art Students Sweep Poster Competition

Three art students at Fairmont Private Schools’ Historic Anaheim Campus were recently recognized for creating the top three posters in Orange County for the California Association of School Transportation Officials (CASTO).

Last month, 2nd grader Janna K., 5th grader Noelle K., and 7th grader Sarah N. all submitted their artwork for this annual competition that uses the winning posters to promote safer school transportation for everyone. This year’s theme was “My School Bus, the Safest Form of School Transportation,” and contestants were required to follow certain guidelines to illustrate the theme in the most effective manner. This was the first time in Fairmont Historic Anaheim’s school history that students have created the top posters in each grade division.

“I did not believe it until [the CASTO representatives] came to our school,” art teacher Robin Gormin said. “We have won this contest several times before but not all three categories at once.”

CASTO Chapter 2 President Vicky Bansburg and some of her executive team visited the campus to present the students with certificates, copies of their posters, and $25. Sarah N. was also recognized for designing the top poster overall and was awarded $100 for a class party of her choice (and opted for a frozen yogurt party).

Sarah said she used inspiration from “The Magic School Bus” books — additions to the popular ‘90s animated TV show — to create her piece. It was her first time winning an art competition, and she was thrilled to be able to receive an award for doing something she loves so much.

“I am very proud and excited,” she said. “I like to draw beautiful things [and have the opportunity] to show them to other people.”

All of the winners’ posters were submitted to the state contest. Regardless of the results, Gormin said the three girls are already winners, and she knows the entire experience has been very beneficial for them.

“Art gives students a chance to shine with their creativity,” she said. “Studies have shown that students who are exposed to the arts early in life are usually happier and have creative imaginations — they can think outside the box.”

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