Prep Pride: Faculty Appreciation

We’ve talked a lot about being grateful in these blog posts. We’ve talked about taking the time to thank those who have helped shape you and for the experiences they have presented. This week at Fairmont Prep, the students have taken that to heart as our ASB presents Faculty Appreciation Week. The teachers and staff are treated to a lot of food as a token of appreciation for their time spent and their support given throughout the year.

For some students, it may seem odd to thank those teachers who give them challenging work and expect them to rise up to the highest levels — but take a step back. No one gets into education to become rich and famous. Working in education requires a commitment to teaching and providing opportunities for others. The teachers aren’t here to make your lives miserable.

In fact, at Fairmont, the teachers really do take the time to get to know the students and place forth realistic expectations depending on the class. Sure, if it is an AP or IB course, expect more work than our college-prep courses. The teachers are here to help you get what you want from your time at Fairmont. Should you want to take the most rigorous courses and earn all “A” grades, you are going to have to earn those grades. Teachers don’t “give out” grades at their whim. They set forth expectations and ask students to fill those expectations to the best of their ability.

Take a few seconds this week to give thanks to those teachers and staff members who help make a difference. Maybe even that teacher you don’t know but greets you with a smile each morning. Seeing your success makes them happy that they could be a part of that experience.

But the teachers will still be happy to take the treats you offer them as well!

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