Prep Pride: New Year, New You?

2017 is now in our rearview mirrors, and the unknowns of 2018 stretch out in front of us. Hopefully, you had a wonderful winter break and are settling back into your school routine. You may have even spent some of that break contemplating the phrase “new year, new you.”

With the turn of a calendar page comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions — a time to refocus one’s efforts and strive to be even better than last year. Often we strive to be healthier, smarter with our money, and accomplish those once-in-a-lifetime goals.

Yet, maybe it is also worth looking back and taking stock of the accomplishments of 2017. Instead of looking at shortcomings, maybe it is worth thinking about the successes of the past year and seeing how far you have come. Not every year requires a major reinvention of oneself but, rather, a steady progression. It is like looking at pictures of yourself from six months or a year ago — you can see changes, as minor as they may be. We are always maturing and hopefully getting wiser.

Sure, if there is an area that could use a major change, go for it. But don’t neglect the small changes that happen daily. Embrace those successes, as those will most likely be the ones that last a lifetime.

Here’s to a wonderful 2018 and many more fantastic years to come.

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