Prep Pride: The Fairmont Prep Difference & Open House

Fairmont Preparatory Academy will proudly open our doors for our 2018 Winter Open House next week on Thursday, January 11. Parents all over Orange County are taking advantage of the Open House season, scouting out the best schools in the area, attending events, planning tours, and hoping they find the school that will best fit their student.

At Fairmont Preparatory Academy, all students are able to succeed and pursue their passions due to individualized guidance and specialized programs. We encourage our student’s unique interests and assist them in finding ways to balance academic, athletic, artistic, and personal interests with their busy lives. We want all students to have access to these opportunities and want to share what it is that makes Fairmont Prep a great place to learn, study, make friends, and lay the foundation for an amazing future.

Enthusiastic & Passionate Teachers

The Fairmont Difference: Enthusiastic and Passionate Teachers - Open House 2018

Teachers at Fairmont Preparatory Academy make their students their number one priority, investing in their students’ lives and education. Passionate about their jobs, it makes all the difference to be in a classroom where the teacher is excited to begin the day’s lesson. Our teachers make every effort to assure all of our students understand the material and make time when a student needs extra help understanding a concept or studying for the next test. Fairmont teachers even stay after school to offer free tutoring as part of our Prep Plus Program.

Welcoming & Engaging Environment

Fairmont students excel in all areas, but we are especially proud of their big hearts. Our students take part in a number of different clubs and activities that give back to the community and make others feel loved and welcome. Our ASB members, in particular, have made a huge effort to show love to their community, hosting a prom for senior citizens, and raising awareness for bullying prevention during National Bullying Prevention Awareness month.

The Class of 2017 served as a great example for their younger peers by graduating with 4,041 hours of community service beyond their required 9,760. Fairmont students also give back through on-campus student organizations like Key Club and Red Cross Club.

This close-knit and caring community of students and teachers allows Fairmont Prep to be a home away from home for our students.

Competitive Athletics Program

The Fairmont Difference: Competitive Athletics - Open House 2018

Fairmont is known for its academics, but our athletic students excel on the field, court, and even in the pool. Fairmont Prep offers 15 CIF sports, including cross country, football, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, swim, and cheer. The Fairmont Prep Huskies continue to make us proud in athletics and have sent students to continue to play in college.

Highly Individualized Experience

One of Fairmont Prep’s best qualities is the amount of time and energy our counselors give to our students as they prepare their academic and college plans. Our counselors are here to work with students on their academic goals, help them plan for the future, and guide them through the college search process to ensure they have some amazing college options. In fact, last year, our 152 seniors were admitted to 228 unique colleges and universities earning over $2.2 million in renewable scholarship offers.

Academic Rigor

The Fairmont Difference: Academic Rigor - Open House 2018

Known for our academics, Fairmont Prep students leave for college well prepared. Fairmont’s College Prep curriculum prepares students for the rigors of college courses by teaching them how to study, think critically, and stay organized. Students are able to individualize their academic experience with compelling and challenging programs like Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Our arts programs have prepared students to attend the best art schools across the United States. Fairmont’s Advanced Science & Engineering Program gives students unparalleled opportunities to explore STEM subjects in high school, and the International Business Program continues to expose students to the curriculum of a collegiate business degree.

Opportunity and Access

It’s our teachers, environment, programs, and counselors that have made Fairmont ideal for student success. Fairmont teachers, counselors, and fellow students are always accessible for assistance and guidance. Students have access to academic and college counseling support, skill-building extracurriculars, rigorous academic programs, and the opportunity to attend their dream colleges and kick-start successful careers.

This Open House season we invite you to join us at Fairmont Preparatory Academy to find out why the “Best Private High School” in Orange County stands out from the rest. Whether your student wants to continue their passion or develop a new one, Fairmont will stand beside them and give them those opportunities. See the Fairmont difference for yourself, and join us for our Open House! RSVP today!


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Shelby Wagner - 1st Grade Teacher Fairmont Historic AnaheimTop Teacher & Skating Champion
Shelby “My favorite part of being a teacher is the children I get to teach.”
  • Is one of the head teachers for the Fountain Valley Artistic Skating Club, teaching regional and national champions. She also teaches beginner classes every Saturday morning.
  • Every year, her students are amazed to find that their teacher has a life outside of the classroom.
“I love feeling like I’m part of a family [at Fairmont].”
Keira Kamath - 5th Grade Fairmont Anaheim HillsScience & Tennis Superstar
keira “I like how there are so many different specialty classes at Fairmont Anaheim Hills, like art, music, PE, science lab, computer lab, and Spanish.”
  • She would like to be a professional tennis player when she grows up, or maybe a doctor.
  • Loves dance and plays the piano
  • Her favorite class is science “because you get to figure out stuff, and I like to do experiments.”
Nicholas Aghaian - 7th Grade Fairmont Historic AnaheimKicking His Way to Med School
nicolas“The teachers and the amount of support they provide to not only me, but to the whole entire community here at Fairmont is probably what I like most about attending Fairmont Historic Anaheim.”
  • He would like to be a professional soccer player, or a doctor specializing in the field of sports medicine.
  • Enjoys basketball, piano, and soccer pitch.
  • His favorite subject is math “because I like to be challenged, and math is full of challenges.”
Gianluca De Gregoris – 2nd Grade Fairmont North TustinDancing Toward Greatness
dancing"What I like most about Fairmont is that I get to learn and meet new friends.”
  • He wants to be a professional dancer when he grows up.
  • Is trained in ballet and ballroom dancing.
  • Loves writing and creating new stories.
Nicole Heyman - Kindergarten Teacher Fairmont Anaheim HillsLaying a Foundation for Lifelong Learning
Nicole "The best part about teaching at Fairmont is being able to work with a diverse group of students who are all incredibly talented. It is amazing to be able to challenge students at such a young age and watch these children grow throughout the year.”
  • Loves camping, reading, and traveling
  • Her students love learning random things about her – like the fact that when she was in kindergarten she wanted to be Spiderman when she grew up.
  • Her proudest moments are the times when a student on campus is excited to see her, oftentimes telling her that she’s “the best teacher in the world.” “I live for those moments.”
“I choose to teach at Fairmont because of the sense of community, as well as the drive for our students to succeed.”
DJ Clovis - Music Teacher Fairmont North TustinRunning to the Rhythm
DJ Clovis “I get to work with amazing staff, faculty, parents, and most importantly, students!”
  • Teaches music to all grades — from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Coaches (or has coached) football, basketball, and Run Club
  • Plays bass trombone
  • NJHS Conflict Resolution Coach
  • He has run 15 marathons and 4 ultra marathons.
“The best part of teaching at Fairmont is the autonomy — being able to create a program that fits all of my students. At Fairmont North Tustin, I get to help with a lot of different activities.”