Well-Rounded Students for a Changing Job Market

The job market is not what it once was. Few jobs are specialized enough for a student to exit college with one precise skill and be prepared for today’s workforce.

Regardless of position, many jobs today require more than advertised. Most will also require basic (if not intermediate) computer software knowledge, proficiency in writing (desperately lacking from today’s youth), and many times in the modern workforce, what once was the job of multiple people, is now the job of one.

For example, in the field of journalism, it is now expected that young journalists will not only act as a reporter, but also as the cameraman/photographer. Why hire a photographer or videographer when you can hire a journalist with both writing and photography skills? This practice eliminates job positions and also puts more pressure on those entering the workforce (not to mention those attempting to remain in the workforce) to come to the table offering more than what once was proficient enough to get the job.

Students growing up today will need more than one skill and talent entering the job market. They don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades, but having knowledge of other skills and interests, beyond what their degree is for, will ease the job searching process.

Expanding Skills at Fairmont

At Fairmont, we want our students to be prepared for this reality. Our students are encouraged to try different electives and extracurriculars that can expand their talents and interests. Our preschool through 8th grade campuses provide specialized classes, including Spanish language, music, art, science lab, and computer lab at the elementary level. Junior high students explore and expand their interests with elective art, theater, robotics, music, debate, journalism, leadership, and world mythology classes.

Fairmont’s after-school program continues growing students’ individual interests with extracurricular activities, including robotics and engineering, art, sciences, sports, chess, dance, martial arts, cooking, and coding classes.

Fairmont Preparatory Academy students build on elementary and junior high elective skills with options like Fairmont’s competitive athletics program, an award-winning speech and debate team, an innovative robotics team, and a variety of other clubs for interests in film, community service, politics, sciences, and more.

Fairmont Prep’s after-school program, Prep Plus, offers more opportunities for students to advance and learn a variety of skills with enrichment workshops and activities that include journalism, photography, art, robotics, videography, sports, and more.

As Forbes contributor Jules Schroeder points out, jobs are also shifting from traditional schedules of nine to five to longer hours and blurred lines of when one is on or off the clock due to ever-advancing technology and telecommuting.

We want our students to not only have the collection of skill sets they need to get their dream job, but to also have the opportunity to choose skill sets they enjoy and are talented at. We want them to grow and nurture the skills that will make those long hours well worth it, and will blend seamlessly into the everyday lives of those whose jobs require them to always be “on.”

It’s a new world out there — one in which Fairmont students will be prepared to succeed and thrive in.

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