Quiet Days & Preparing for Finals

Would you look at that? We are nearing the end of the calendar year, and finals are upon us. What seemed so far away at the start of the school year is now just a week away. Hopefully, students have been diligent all semester long, have stayed on top of their coursework, and aren’t trying to use this “Quiet Week” to catch up (though it is good for that as well). It’s time for students to return to the first chapters of their textbooks, dust off those old exams, and, finally, try to understand that tricky concept from earlier.

It’s a lot of pressure, but that is why Fairmont Preparatory Academy builds in quiet days. There is nothing new to learn and no quiz to prepare for; the week is all about getting ready for the final.

Yet, hopefully, our students have worked hard all semester long and won’t need to rely on their final grades to pull them through the semester. We know there are students who are upset with themselves for not performing consistently through the semester and now have added pressure to perform flawlessly on their finals. No one needs that pressure.

School, like life, can be more easily managed if we just do a little bit each day rather than wait until the last minute. Placing yourself in stressful situations makes no sense when you have the chance to avoid it all together.

Take your time during your finals; double-check your work, and try not to make silly mistakes. Use these quiet days to your advantage, and utilize the tools Fairmont provides. Talk to your teachers, ask questions, create study groups, and attend Prep Plus. All of these things will help you successfully tackle your finals.

Good luck and enjoy your winter break!

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