Prep Pride: All Is Quiet before Winter Break

December 14, 2017, and the Fairmont Prep campus is quiet this morning. There are a few teachers grading those last finals and inputting grades. Finals are over, and students are catching up on some much-needed sleep. The semester is over, and 2017 is coming to an end. The chaos of day to day activities on a high school campus has ended, and we have the chance to catch up and to start to look toward 2018.

Our international students will be heading home for the first time in months to see family and friends and, of course, eat those favorite foods they have been craving. Students will be traveling with family to see relatives and answer questions about what grade they are in and where they might be attending college. Staff will spend the break catching their breath and enjoying some quiet moments that don’t require getting to campus by 7:30 am each morning.

Winter break gives everyone the opportunity to focus on the things that matter most, to spend time with close friends, and to reconnect with those who we never seem free to meet up because of busy schedules. Fairmont Prep gives students three weeks off to focus on things outside of school. Enjoy them. Don’t think about us here on campus.

When the staff returns in 2018, we will start diving into ways we can continue to improve — for this year and beyond. There is an entire week devoted to staff development and making Fairmont the best place for students to learn and for staff members to work. We are excited to see what comes out of these discussions, but know that we are always working on being the best school we can possibly be.

Have a wonderful break, and best wishes for a great 2018!

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