North Tustin Campus Figure Skaters: Setting Goals and Managing Time

Fairmont Private Schools — North Tustin Campus is home to two young figure skaters with a passion and talent for the chilly sport, Audrey T. (5th grade) and Keira M. (6th grade).

Figure skater, Keira M. performing.
Keira M. in action on the ice.

Both girls have made great strides in the sport for such young ages. Audrey was recently named Champion of Pre-Preliminary Girls at the 2017 Southern California Interclub Invitational Final (only 16 of the top skaters in each division are invited to compete in the competition), and Keira won the 2016 Southwest Pacific Regional (against skaters from Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona) in her division and, more recently, was named the 2017 Southern California Interclub Champion at her level.

Both figure skaters may owe part of their success to beginning to skate at around the early age of five. They both also developed a love for the sport upon those first early visits to the ice rink.

“I saw girls practicing their figure skating routines, and I immediately became interested in the sport,” Keira said.

Like most competitive sports, ice skating requires dedication and commitment. Keira and Audrey both practice six days a week; Keira practices for two to three hours on the rink and has off-ice training three days a week for an hour, and Audrey practices either in the morning or afternoon, but sometimes both!

“Skating takes up a lot of hours every week,” Audrey explained. “To be able to train as much as I want to, I have to have good time management.”

Audrey attributes some of those time management skills to her time at Fairmont, teaching her how to use her time wisely. Keira has also found some skills from Fairmont have assisted her in her training on the ice.

“Being a student at Fairmont requires discipline, diligence, concentration, and good social skills,” Keira said. “All these positive attributes have helped me to achieve my skating goals and make many new friends.”

Audrey T. performs in the 2017 Southern California Interclub Invitational Series Final.

Those many hours on the rink are well worth it to both figure skaters. For Audrey, her favorite part of ice skating is “being able to balance and glide on the edge of the blades” of her skates, while Keira looks most forward to “learning new intricate skating moves” and eventually perfecting them.

With more hard work ahead of them, both girls have set goals for themselves. Keira hopes by working hard every day she can be the best skater she can possibly be, while Audrey hopes to perfect a specific move.

“I hope to get some of my triple jumps by the time I am 11 1/2 years old,” Audrey said. “I still have a long way to go!”

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