Prep Pride: Are You Who You Want to Be?

Each year, the college counselors send out surveys to the seniors to help the students give some thought to who they are and what they want to be when they go off to college. One of the questions the college counselors ask all of the seniors is for three words their friends would use to describe themselves and three words their teachers would use. It is interesting to see how different these words can be. How often do we put on multiple faces for different groups? Would your friends, family, and teachers be able to come to a consensus if asked to think of adjectives to describe you?

Of course, your friends know you in a different way than your teachers, but are the characteristics the same? More importantly, how do you want to be remembered? When you graduate from high school, what will your legacy be?

Decide who to be and go be it. Mock Interviews in Fairmont Prep English classes.Fairmont Prep is more than just a quality classroom education. We hope to prepare students for whatever they desire as they go off to college and beyond. In fact, many of our seniors are currently doing mock interviews in their English classes. These interviews are being conducted by teachers and staff to help students prepare for the interviews they may encounter for college admission or possibly a job. Students are expected to dress the part and give thought to who they are and where they can contribute.

We find that students rarely take the opportunity to evaluate themselves and ensure that who they present themselves to be is really who they are. People prefer others who are confident in themselves and who stand by their own convictions. There is a band called the Avett Brothers who said it best, “Decide who to be, and go be it.”

Use your time in high school to decide who you are. Go be that person.

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