Getting to Know You: New Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Bethany Torres, 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Torres graduated cum laude from California State University, Fullerton in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in child and adolescent development. She then received her Master of Education degree from Cal State Fullerton and also obtained her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Mrs. Torres is driven by a passion for working with students, having spent her life working closely with children in a variety of settings. She spent three years teaching 2nd through 4th grades at a private school in Bel Air and moved to Orange County to be closer to her family.

In addition to her experience managing a class, she has had an assortment of volunteer experiences that prepared her to be empathetic in working with a wide range of diverse people. In Israel, she worked with children in a multicultural environment for six months at Save a Child’s Heart, where she provided support and entertainment for ill children and families from developing countries. She also volunteered at an after-school program in Antigua, Guatemala, where she designed and implemented a curriculum to serve as enrichment to core subjects.

Mrs. Torres became motivated to become a teacher because of her desire to help children continue to strive to learn even after they leave her classroom.

“Anatole France once said, ‘the whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards,'” she said. “Teaching is more than relaying facts and lecturing about subject matter; I strive to be a teacher who fosters critical thinking skills, models and promotes the value of lifelong learning, and prepares students to function as curious learners and articulate communicators.”

Mrs. Torres said that, as a teacher, she has a special opportunity to help students identify areas they feel passionate about and give them the tools they need to further their studies in these specific topics. She also gets to spend a great deal of time with students during these formative years, when she gets to observe their behaviors and encourage them to treat their peers kindly and with respect and to have humility at all times.

Teachers have the ability to mold students’ lives, and she takes that responsibility seriously. It’s how she can make a difference in this world — one class and one student at a time.

Mrs. Torres enjoys traveling and has spent a great deal of her free time and savings seeing the world. Because she has a natural curiosity and zest for learning that took her to many corners of the earth, she has made her classroom a “travel” theme and let it enrich her teaching whenever she can. In addition to exercising her mind, she also enjoys challenging her body. She belongs to a boot camp in Orange County and always looks forward to a good workout.

Mrs. Torres is glad to be in Orange County close to where she grew up (Yorba Linda). She is grateful to have found a school so close to home and her family so that she can live and raise her 1-year-old son in the very town she has always called home.

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