Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Child

It’s the second to last week of October. You’ve been busy with work, family, and getting the kids to school on time. You look at the calendar to double check what time Suzy’s soccer game is on Saturday when you see a pumpkin drawn on October 31 — it’s next week. Panic ensues. How did the month go by this quickly? Halloween costumes need to be bought or made quick! But how?



Target and Party City’s Halloween shelves are practically bare, left with unmatching masks, wigs, and makeup kits. Christmas decorations have already begun to creep up on the back wall taking the place of Halloween decorations you meant to buy. But fear not! Here are some quick, easy, and fun last-minute Halloween costumes that can be put together in time for next week’s trick-or-treating extravaganza.

Woodland Critter


You won’t need to run out and buy footsie one-piece animal pajamas for this costume. In fact, it doesn’t get simpler than this if your child is in dance or gymnastics classes. Put them in a neutral colored leotard like black, brown, or white, matching colored tights, and bonus if you have a tutu or skirt in the same color they can wear. Depending on the color of the leotard and what ears are still available at the store, use makeup to draw cat, bunny, deer, bear, or even giraffe markings on their face. If you have bunny ears from last Easter or reindeer antlers from Christmas you can even use those! By the time you finish drawing in your child’s whiskers, they’ll be the cutest critter on the block!

Ninja Turtle Makeup

You may need to buy some green face paint for this one, but once purchased the rest of the costume is a snap! Use the green paint to transform your child’s face into a ninja turtle! Try to find another color like red, orange, blue, or purple to paint on the turtle’s mask as well. The great thing? You don’t have to be an artist; you can paint their entire face green or just their forehead down to the apple of their cheeks like this example from Pinterest. Dress them in a green shirt and they’re ready to hit the sewers!

The Jim Halpert


If your child is a little bit older, you may be able to get away with copying the king of easy and lazy Halloween costumes, The Office’s Jim Halpert. The Jim Halpert lazy Halloween costume comes in two variations, three-hole punch Jim and Facebook Jim. Take your pick! For the three-hole punch version, you’ll just need to cut three circles out of black construction paper and tape them on a white button-up shirt. Finish the look up with a tie and your kid is ready to sell paper! You can also tape the circles on an outfit your child usually wears as a three-hole punch version of themselves! For Facebook Jim, use a black eyeliner pencil to write “Book” across your child’s face, perfecting the forever “punny” and lazy Facebook costume.

Cardboard Costumes

Have any cardboard boxes and paint handy? Perfect for transportation lovers, transform the boxes into a Thomas the Train, Lightning McQueen, or Mater costume! Your kids will love it. Follow these directions for Thomas the Train or the Cars characters on our Holiday Cheer Pinterest board.

Zombie Makeup

With zombies showing up in every other show and movie it seems these days, your child will love this costume and you’ll love the simplicity! All you’ll need is face paint, makeup, and old clothes to achieve this brain dead look. Follow this easy face paint tutorial to get your child’s makeup just right. Cut a few holes in some old grungy clothes your child doesn’t wear anymore and they’ll be ready to terrorize the neighborhood!

Toilet Paper Mummy


For an extremely last-minute costume, dress your child in all white or cream and then wrap them up in toilet paper, leaving only a slit open for their eyes. Use strong tape to hold some of the pieces in place. If you have an old white bed sheet that you don’t mind cutting up, this can also be used in addition to or in place of the toilet paper. These instructions on our Pinterest board suggest using eyeliner to darken your child’s eyelids — it adds to the undead look!

A Simple Throwback Ghost

And if you’re really struggling for time, instead of ripping up that old sheet you had for the mummy costume, cut two holes in the eyes and call it good. If ghosts are cool enough for Charlie Brown, they’re cool enough for your kid, are we right?





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