Fairmont Student Among Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS

Fairmont Private Schools – North Tustin Campus student Nadia A. was named a Top 300 Broadcom MASTER last month in the competitive STEM competition. Nadia was nominated for the competition after placing second at the Orange County Science Fair in her category. Nadia also won four special awards for her science project on water filtration.

“I used tree branches to filter bacteria out of water,” Nadia said, describing her project. “This allows for a low-cost solution to a major issue of contaminated water.”

Nadia chose her project after learning about recent water crises.

“Water is a basic necessity and water-borne illnesses are the leading cause of death in children in the world,” Nadia explained.

Though Nadia did not proceed on to the finals (a list of top 30 applicants) of the Broadcom MASTERS, she is thankful to be included in the top 300 out of the 6,000 nominees that competed.

“It’s a huge honor to be named a semi-finalist,” Nadia said. “Being a semi-finalist gave me encouragement that others saw the potential impact of my project and I am determined to keep working on improving my filter design.”

Fairmont Private Schools 8th grade graduate Jian P. was also included on the list for his science fair project, Elliptical Wingtip Extensions: A Novel Way to Improve Airplane Performance. Congratulations to both of these amazing students!

Top photo: Fairmont North Tustin Campus Orange County Science Fair Winners. Nadia A. is second from the left. 

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