Want to Learn a New Language? Exercise

A recent article in the New York Times confirms the value of integrating exercise with learning, the basis of Fairmont Fit. In her article, “How Exercise Could Help You Learn a New Language,” Gretchen Reynolds shares how physical activity improves abilities to acquire and apply knowledge.Fairmont Preparatory Academy stationary bike in the classroom.

Understanding a new language is not as daunting when physical activity is incorporated into the learning process. The article gives reference to scientific studies with results that show how exercise makes it easier for the brain to retain and process new information.  

Exercise Integration at Fairmont

On a typical day on the campuses of Fairmont Private Schools, students are riding stationary bikes while listening to lectures or reading the day’s lessons. As stated in the article, when compared with students who sit still in the classroom, students riding bikes achieve greater success in both remembering and understanding academic content.

Through Fairmont Fit, students gain knowledge, while at the same time, develop their fitness levels. This comprehensive educational strategy focuses on each student’s mind, body, and spiritual well-being. Reynolds’ article gives more evidence that supports how physical activity helps students, regardless of age, become better learners.

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