Fall Open House & College Fair: Why It’s Important

On Tuesday, October 10, Fairmont Preparatory Academy will host their 14th Annual Open House & College Fair. More than 100 colleges and universities from across the nation, and some from abroad, will attend in hopes of recruiting Fairmont and other local students to their schools.

The event is open to members of our Orange County and surrounding communities. We encourage students and their families to take advantage of our college fair to limit stress during the college application process. Regardless of your child’s age, it’s never too early to encourage them to think about what type of school they want to attend, find out what the admission’s process consists of, and what they can be doing to stand out against their peers’ applications. It’s a lot to take in, but the more information you have now, the more prepared you and your student will be when it’s time to start applying.


Benefits of a College Fair

By meeting with representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities, your student will gain a better understanding of each school’s unique programs and overall energy. Some will be stronger in engineering fields, others in humanities. Some put a huge emphasis on their sports programs, while some will have a sole focus on the arts. By speaking with representatives from a variety of colleges, your student can help figure out what is most appealing to them and follow their passions.

My College Guide recommends asking representatives about job placement come graduation. You may think it’s too early for your child to think about a career but this is the time to consider it. Your student’s college choice will affect their career path, their likeliness to be hired, and how easy it will be to gain internships.

For example, if your student is looking for a career in construction management, it would be good to know during the college decision process that California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo hosts weekly information sessions with construction companies looking to hire interns and future employees. In fact, the Cal Poly Construction Management program has around an 80% job placement rate after college graduation. These are details and facts specific to a student’s individual interests that can be better discussed face-to-face with a representative rather than viewed in college fact sheets and brochures.


Besides asking questions about majors and job placement, this is also a time for your student to ask about the campus’ atmosphere and extracurricular activities. What are the most popular clubs on campus? How many libraries do they have? Where do people study? Do most people live on campus? What sport is most popular? Social questions may not be as important as academics, but especially for students planning to move away from home, answers to these questions will be crucial to a happy and well-adjusted four years.

By meeting with representatives, students also strengthen their interview and professional skills. It’s a perfect warm up to future admissions or job interviews – and without the stress! U.S. News even recommends that students bring resumes of their high school accomplishments. Encourage your student to ask representatives if they see any weak spots in their resume. It’s better to pinpoint areas to work on now before the college application process begins.


Depending on where your student wants to attend school, a college fair is also a great way to save time and money on traveling – especially if your student’s dream school is across the nation or in another country. Your child can take time at our college fair (when multiple colleges are all in one convenient location) to confirm which ones are better fits and which ones they can cross off their list, meaning fewer college visits to plan. This is of particular benefit when it comes to international schools.

While crossing schools off their list, your student may also add a school or two they weren’t previously considering before speaking to a representative. They may not be aware of all of their options and our college fair can introduce them to schools that may have not previously heard of.

Open House

Since the best college fit begins with the right high school choice, we also invite prospective high school families to stop by our Fall Open House. Discover our wealth of extracurricular opportunities, sports, and unique variety of programs. See how Fairmont prepares students for college with highly individualized academic and college counseling.

Our 2017 Fall Open House & College Fair will be open from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on October 10. We hope to see you there as you begin your search for a perfect college match. RSVP today!

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