Counselor’s Corner: Bullying Survival Tips

To continue our focus of maintaining a “bully free zone” on our Fairmont campuses, we have some quick survival tips to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in a bullying situation. These are good tips to share with friends as a way of showing your support, too!

Ignore and Walk Away:


Even though you may want to lose your temper or cry, a bully thrives on seeing you have an emotional reaction to their behavior. By ignoring a nasty text or remark, you show that bully he or she is of no importance to you. Strong and confident body language also implies you are not vulnerable to these attacks.

Use Humor:

If you are unable to walk away, using humor and making light of the situation can throw a bully off guard. Get the negative emotions out later by exercising or writing your feelings down.

Do Not Physically Attack:


Again, showing your anger ignites the bully’s desire to continue the bad behavior. Also, things could escalate and you could find yourself in a serious situation. Aggressiveness leads to more violence. Stand up for yourself in assertive ways by simply telling the bully to stop and leave you alone.

Role Play Being Confident:

Acting out a past bullying situation with a trusted adult or friend may seem odd, but it will provide you with a strategy for any future encounters with a bully. Practice makes perfect!

Focus on Yourself:


Focus on keeping yourself in shape physically, emotionally, and mentally. Exercising helps you feel strong inside and out; build confidence by learning a new skill, like a sport or other hobby; join a club on campus to increase your circle of friends.

Talk, Talk, Talk:

There are teachers, parents, friends, coaches, and mentors out there just waiting to be by your side to help you through life’s struggles. Building a positive network of support is a good idea for all of us!

Find True Friends:


Confiding in one friend about your hurt feelings, if rumors are spread about you, helps ease the pain. A true friend helps you realize the immaturity of others because your friend believes in the “true you.”

At Fairmont, we are committed to creating a school environment where all students feel safe, peaceful, and at ease with those around them. Students are encouraged to speak to a trusted adult on campus if they ever find themselves in a bullying situation. We are here to help promote positive peer relationships. If you’re not being bullied, but have witnessed a bullying situation, see these tips for how to barricade bullying behaviors as a peer.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions at (714) 999-5055, Ext. 1456.

Jill Thomas, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Fairmont Private Schools Counselor

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