Counselor’s Corner: School Climate Check

Your Perception of Our School Climate Matters to Us!

As we begin the academic year, it is important to reflect upon our campus culture and what we can do every day to help create a positive school climate. Think about how teachers, staff, students, and parents contribute to generating a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive environment at Fairmont, and take the short quiz below. As you answer these questions, assess your perception of our school climate. What are your impressions of how we interact with and treat each other at school? Ask your child these questions and see how they differ from your perception. Then, think about what you can do to improve the culture and climate here at school. What can the faculty do? Administrators? Students?

                                                                                       Almost Never                Sometimes              Almost Always

  1. Students treat classmates with respect
  2. Students show respect for school property
  3. Students help each other, even if they are not friends
  4. School is a safe place for me
  5. Teachers treat students with respect
  6. I feel included and connected to school
  7. Bullying is a problem here
  8. I feel my thoughts and voice are heard and valued
  9. When someone is having a problem, others offer to help
  10. Students are kind to each other
  11. Parents treat each other with respect
  12. Our school responds quickly to problems
  13. People are friendly here
  14. The playground is a good place for a student to make friends

We all need to take ownership and pride in our school community and contribute to the positive energy we feel when we step foot on campus every day!

We want to hear from you.
Please contact your campus director or our school counselor if you have any thoughts you would like to share. Your concerns and feedback are important to us. for the Historic Anaheim Campus for the Anaheim Hills Campus for the North Tustin Campus for Fairmont Preparatory Academy for the school counselor


Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions at (714) 999-5055, Ext. 1456.

Jill Thomas, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Fairmont Private Schools Counselor

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