Beat Summer Heat: Five Cool Family Activities

As the month of July ends and we enter August (on average the warmest month of the year), try some of these family activities to beat the heat and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Water, Water, Everywhere

If you don’t have access to a pool in your backyard or community, there are still lots of fun and creative water activities your kids can partake in on warm summer days. Depending on their age and the size of your yard, a temporary blow up pool may be a perfect solution and will provide hours of entertainment. If that is out of the question, a water balloon fight or running through the sprinklers is a great way for your kids to quickly cool off without taking up too much space. You can even go to a park with the water balloons! Parents, be prepared to join in. It’ll help you beat the heat, too! For more water activities, follow our Art of Play Pinterest board!

Board Games and Pillow Forts

Need a break from water activities and drying off the kids? Stay inside (with air conditioning or fans) by having a board game and fort building day! Bring out all of your kids’ favorite games and pile them up in the living room. Use kitchen chairs, blankets, and pillows to build the coolest fort you can, encouraging the kids to use their imagination and critical thinking to help you in the process. Once the fort is set up, gather the board games, some healthy snacks, and enjoy your day! In the evening, keep the festivities going by turning on the kids’ favorite movie or reading their favorite stories in the fort. If you want to get really fancy, wrap the fort in twinkle lights. The kids will love it.

Ice Skating

Take the family to an ice skating rink for some needed relief from the summer heat. Orange County has plenty of local ice rinks to choose from, such as: The Rinks – Irvine Inline, The Rinks – Anaheim Ice, KHS Ice, Lake Forest Ice Palace, and more! The rinks all have different public skating schedules, so be sure to check their websites for available times.

Afternoon at the Movies

It’s cliché and everyone does it, but that’s because it works! If staying in your air conditioned home is becoming a bore, pile the kids in the car and take them to the movies. Enjoy a day out of the house, while still keeping cool, and enjoy the newest kid-friendly summer blockbuster.

Escape to the Mountains

Enjoy a mini vacation by escaping the heat for a day in Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead. These mountain towns are a bit cooler than the surrounding cities, with August temperatures averaging in the high 70s to low 80s in Big Bear, compared to the average mid 80s in Anaheim. The trip won’t completely get you out of the heat, but the pine trees will provide lots of shade, and the closer you are to Big Bear Lake or Lake Arrowhead, the cooler you’ll be! Plus, your family will enjoy being out in nature and relaxing in a new setting.

Though August promises to be warm, make the most of these last few weeks of summer by keeping cool while still having a wonderful time with your family. Whether that means relaxing in a pool, staying in with air conditioning, or going to the movies, your kids will love any and all time spent with you.


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