AdvancED Gives Fairmont a Rave Review

Fairmont Private Schools received its official accreditation from AdvancED. The accreditation, which involved an exhaustive review process last spring, reaffirms Fairmont’s commitment to being the best school. It reflects Fairmont’s efforts in maintaining overall quality, consistent growth, and continual improvement of its students, faculty, and staff.

Whether the classroom is in Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Tustin, or as far away as Hangzhou, China or Seoul, South Korea, every aspect of the educational experience provided by Fairmont received a comprehensive evaluation by AdvancED, the largest community of education professionals in the world. The AdvancEd accreditation process is unique in that it covered both Fairmont’s domestic program and international program as a whole.

Outside reviews by highly regarded organizations such as AdvancED ensure that Fairmont continues to meet and exceed the highest standards in the field of education. This high-level review also provides Fairmont leadership with valuable insights for enhancing the overall educational program. The study covered instruction, curriculum, educational technology, student support outside the classroom, campus facilities, management practices, and other school policies/procedures. The year-long process, which involved an intensive self-study conducted by faculty and staff included a three-day visit to campuses from an AdvancED review committee.

Comments from AdvancED Representatives:


“The instructional quality of [Fairmont] teachers is second-to-none. Your use of curriculum to best abilities is amazing,” said Lead, Dale Kleinert. “Your teachers are in it for the family atmosphere — it’s all about the family. We saw that in the classrooms — your classroom observation scores are some of the highest we’ve seen.”

“I’ve never been in a system where I heard the word family so much — and family being teachers, students, parents, administrators, the whole group — and that is an impressive thing to see,” Associate Lead, Andrew Grover said. “The stakeholders have bought into the direction of the school, the quality of the school, and the overall vision of the school. And it was everyone we talked to — from third graders to seniors. It was impressive to see the vision and idea of family that exists [at Fairmont].”

AdvancED has over 100 years of experience in school accreditation. Currently, 34,000 schools and school systems across the world hold this hard-earned accreditation.

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