Activities to Do With Kids this Summer

Summer is well on its way, and your kids may be beginning to say those two dreaded words, “I’m bored.” Great! A perfect time to introduce them to new activities and keep them learning. Encourage your kids to be productive over the summer with these five activities:

One Chore a Day

Your kids may already have set chores, but use the extra summer time to teach them a new one. Yes, you don’t want to overdo it and have your child cleaning the house all day, but it’s important that they learn these skills for their own futures (we all knew that one kid in college who lacked such skills – not a pretty sight). Pick an age-appropriate chore, teach them how to complete it, and then let them take over the chore for the summer, if possible. This not only helps you, but teaches them valuable life skills.

Learn a New Skill this Summer

Speaking of life skills, challenge your child to pick an activity that they want to master (or just improve upon) by the end of the summer. It could be a musical instrument, an outdoors activity, learning a new language, or anything they can put their minds to! Have them set goals and challenge them to decide for themselves (with some helpful hints) how many hours a day they’ll need to practice in order to meet their goals. This not only keeps their minds engaged and learning over the summer, but also provides them with the opportunity to follow their passions!

Learn a New Word/Fact a Day

This one may not be as fun, but challenge your child (depending on their school interests) to either learn a new vocabulary word every day or a new scientific or historical fact. If every day seems like too much, make it once a week. You know what’s best for your child and how they best learn. Make sure the topic they pick is something they’re interested in. If they love animals, make it a new fact about zoology or biology. If they love their World War II video games, make it a historical fact about the war. This will keep their interest and make it exciting.

Eat Healthy this Summer

A challenge for the whole family – spend the summer eating healthier. Take the kids with you to the grocery store (if possible) and have them help you pick out healthier foods. Teach them what’s nutritious and what is processed (looking at you, Goldfish). This will be a more difficult task, but if the whole family does it together, it will be a great learning experience for your kids and sets them up to make healthier choices as adults.

Do Something Nice this Summer

Have your kids volunteer or partake in activities at home that benefit others. For example, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or shop for canned food for a local food drive. You can volunteer at an animal shelter or make get well cards for hospital patients. Again, the activity can be picked based on your child’s passions. By making volunteering part of their childhood, it normalizes the practice and they’ll be more likely to partake in such activities as they grow up. It can also be a great basis for learning new skills, becoming leaders, and can help them with internships and jobs in the future.

Make sure your kids still have plenty of time for play this summer, but with these five tips you’ll help them have a productive one, too.

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