School Bus Safety: The Safest Mode of Transportation

Your students’ safety, including school bus safety, is one of our top priorities here at Fairmont Private Schools and thanks to the hard work of our bus drivers, our bus riding students are using the safest mode of transportation to get to and from our campuses.

School Bus Safety Facts

  • The National Academy of Sciences and The U.S. Department of Transportation consider school buses the safest way for children to travel to and from school.
  • School buses are seven times safer than average family vehicles.
  • School bus drivers are held to high standards.
    • Drivers attend school bus safety meetings and workshops.
    • Drivers have to re-test with the California Highway Patrol every five years.
    • Drivers must have medical check-ups every two years or every year if 65-years-old or older.
    • Drivers must complete 10 hours of safety training a year and receive first aid training every two years to keep their license up to date.
  • School buses are designed with a unique safety method tailored to their size compared to passenger vehicles.
    • School buses are larger in size and heaviness than average family vehicles, lowering the impact crash forces have on passengers and changing the way safety methods can be best implemented.
    • Rather than using seat belts, school buses use “compartmentalization,” requiring “strong, closely-spaced seats that have energy-absorbing backs,” explains the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
    • The National Transportation Safety Board and the National Academy of Sciences confirmed the effectiveness of compartmentalization through impact studies.

Due to the size of the bus, its bright color, and safety features (stop signs, flashing lights) students are in safe hands traveling by bus to and from school and to extracurricular events like away games and field trips. School bus safety is taken very seriously on a federal, state, and school level, creating multiple layers of school bus safety standards and laws to keep your precious cargo safe on the road.

Sources: American School Bus CouncilNational Conference of State Legislatures: Transportation ReviewNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration,, and Fairmont Private Schools Transportation Manager, Diane Mayfield.

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