North Tustin Campus Cheer Team Places 2nd at Nationals!

Congratulations to our Fairmont North Tustin Campus Cheer Team for their second place win at nationals! The team traveled to Las Vegas in April for the competition, returning triumphantly with their second place title.

The cheer team’s journey to the competition began back in January by learning and mastering their winning routine. In order to wow the crowds at their first competition in February, the cheer team worked hard, practicing the routine twice a week for three to four hours. The team’s persistence paid off, as they learned quickly and were well prepared for their competitions!

Coach Dianna Wayne said her favorite moment at nationals was the team’s reactions after finishing their performance.

“I normally see at least one sad or upset face, but, after this performance, they were smiling and excited about their performance,” said Wayne. “It was the best!”

The North Tustin Campus Cheer Team qualified for the national competition in March when they placed second in their division in an earlier competition, won a spirit award, and placed third in a mini-stunt competition!

What a team! G-O E-A-G-L-E-S!

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