Fairmont Prep Robotics Team: A Year in Review

Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s robotics team, The Huskyteers, had a wonderful year! The team competed in three regional FIRST Robotics competitions (the most they’re ever done in one year). They competed in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange counties. The team performed their best, so far, taking 9th, 14th, and 15th place at the competitions.

To compete in these competitions, the 30 member team had six weeks to build a robot. The team began by first designing the robot and building a drive base. Then they were ready to build and program. The building process is all done in a race against time as teams across the world work quickly to finish their robot in the six-week timeline. At the end of the six weeks, teams must store the robot in a “sleeping bag” until the first competition date. The team said their 2017 robot, named Allucard Van Hellsing, was the most complete robot they’d built and designed in their last four seasons.

Now that their season has come to an end, and the last day of school is in sight, the team will begin their training program and planning activities for the next school year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in 2018! Follow the Huskyteers and Fairmont Preparatory Academy on Facebook for future news!


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