EPICS Students Give Back to Community

During the spring semester, Fairmont Preparatory Academy students installed their capstone EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) projects for the community health center Share Our Selves in Costa Mesa and for Habitat for Humanity Orange County. The purpose of these projects was to fulfill requirements in their EPICS course. Developed by Purdue University, this unique course provides students the opportunity to engage their engineering skills to help meet the needs of the community. 

Fairmont’s ASEP (Advanced Science and Engineering Program) students applied the engineering and computer-based design skills and knowledge gained from four years of intense classes to help improve the organizations’ day-to-day operations. Two teams of students made improvements to Share our Shelves’ homeless service areas that included a mailroom, hygiene area, and food pantry. The other two teams designed and built carts to ease the delivery of chairs and tables for the regional center of Habitat for Humanity.


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