A Look at Fairmont Private Schools’ Open House

From mid-January to the end of February, Fairmont Private Schools hosts an Open House at each of their four campuses. This past Friday marked the end of the 2017 Open House season with one last hoorah at the Historic Anaheim Campus. If you missed Open House this year, here’s a look at all of the work our students and families put into the big day!

Open House – Historic Anaheim Campus – Friday, February 24

Even with it being a “no school” day for students, the Historic Anaheim Campus is alive with staff members working hard to make sure everything goes off without a hitch! By 5:00 pm, the campus is ready to welcome its first guests: prospective families. Families and students are welcomed into the recently remodeled campus library for a presentation about the educational opportunities available to them at Fairmont Private Schools, before touring the campus with a current Historic Anaheim junior high student – for tonight they’re called Junior High Ambassadors.

The ambassadors queue up outside of the library doors. There’s a nervous excitement in the air as they laugh and giggle, eager to share their Fairmont experience with others. With their years as a Fairmont student in preschool through 8th grade almost finished, the junior high ambassadors give prospective families and students an accurate picture of life at Fairmont, while answering any questions the families have about campus life and activities. Each year, the ambassadors impress staff and prospective families with their willingness to help and share their unique knowledge of the teachers on campus and the coursework at each grade level. Tonight is no different.

Three 7th grade ambassadors, Leila S., Amethyst A., and Liz P., group together at the end of the line, preparing for the imminent tours.

Sebastian G. and fellow Junior High Ambassador Rocky Panther.

“We were really happy to be chosen!” Leila says of the opportunity to share with prospective students.

Another group of junior high ambassadors, stationed in front of the campus office, explain that ambassadors are chosen previous to Open House by teachers and receive community service hours for volunteering their time.

“Teachers pick students based on who they think will represent Fairmont best,” says 8th grader, Sebastian G., with a hint of pride leaking into his tone.

Though they won’t have to give tours, the three boys are tasked with switching off wearing the campus mascot costume for the evening – a task which they seem honored to uphold.

As tours begin for prospective families, classroom doors begin to open, and current students arrive with their own families to show off classwork. The preschool room is full of arts and crafts projects, while the elementary classes are covered with a mix of artful creations and academic projects showing off newfound writing and math skills.The 5th and 6th grade classrooms impress with higher level projects covering the tables. A circuit board project stands out; the projects include sets of questions and answers. When the correct questions and answers are matched up by wire, a light bulb emits light.

In the junior high classrooms, essays and science fair projects are shown off by proud students to their parents. Down the hall, the art room boasts work from all the campus’ age levels.

Some classrooms show off Fairmont pride along with student projects. Historic Anaheim teacher, Mrs. Jones has decorated her white board for the occasion with a question for her students, “What is your favorite thing about Fairmont?”

Her students write in their answers as they tour the classroom with their parents. Answers include “field trips,” “the people here,” and a subtle try for brownie points: “Teachers (Mrs. Jones especially).”

As the event continues, students set up instruments and begin to close the evening with performances. Elementary school students play piano and the cello, while junior high students participate in band, orchestra, and drama performances.

As the performances come to an end and classrooms begin to empty, the evening closes with proud families congratulating their students on a year of accomplishments, and prospective families leave with, hopefully, a sense of the excellence Fairmont strives to foster.

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