Five Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

New Friends

Extracurricular activities give the chance for children to meet new friends outside of their classroom and, depending on the activity, outside of their immediate age group. This opens up a new world of friends and acquaintances, and ones that share their interest for that matter! It’s nice to have different groups of friends, some that are more athletic from after school soccer, some that are more logical from after-school chess club. It’s important for children to learn key social skills, and meeting new friends in a different environment and under different circumstances than a classroom setting gives them more opportunity to flex their social skills and improve.

Finding New Interests

Does your child like soccer? Maybe they’re a whiz at robotics. Extracurricular activities are a fantastic way for your child to find their hidden talents. Just like many children play on different youth sports teams to figure out what sports they like, the same can be done with other extracurricular activities. Try out gymnastics, art, coding, cooking, and more! This opens more doors and opportunities for your child to discover activities they like and perhaps even find a calling in their life!

Learning Something New

Maybe your child has played sports for the past few years and is reluctant to attend an after school chemistry club. This is the chance for them to learn something new and build a more well-rounded set of skills and knowledge. And if they don’t care for it? No harm, no foul. Move on to another activity! Children are in a unique position in their life with tons of opportunities to learn new skills. Take advantage of this time and help them find a new and interesting skill or activity to take on every once in a while.

It’s Okay to Not Naturally Succeed

Trying new things and getting your kids out of their comfort zone will also teach them that there are activities out there they may not be naturally talented at – and that’s okay! We’re human and we can’t succeed or be naturally gifted at every activity. Finding an activity they have to work extra hard to succeed in will help them build their character, self-confidence, and teach them that hard work can overcome hurdles.

Preparation for the Future

An added bonus? Colleges love seeing extracurricular activities on college applications. Getting young children involved in more extracurricular activities now will help prepare them for all of the activities they’ll partake in junior high and high school to stand out on applications. It also gives them a foundation for enjoying these activities and the skills needed to succeed in them.

Fairmont Extracurriculars

Fairmont Private Schools parents can find tons of great extracurricular activities here at our at campuses! Our campuses have after school programs for every interest and level, including programs in robotics and engineering, art, sciences, sports, chess, dance, martial arts, cooking classes, coding, and more! For a full list of campus-specific activities, see our Anaheim Hills Campus, Historic Anaheim Campus, and North Tustin Campus pages.

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