Teacher Appreciation Week: How to Show You Care

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week at Fairmont Prep! Besides the old trope of giving your teacher an apple, how can you celebrate the educators in your life?

Inspiring Desk Decor

From a frame with an inspirational quote about education to a potted plant with a clever note (“Thanks for helping me grow”), there are tons of cute gift ideas for a teacher’s desk. The best part is they remind a teacher daily why they’re an educator in the first place! Check out our High School and Beyond Pinterest board for inspiration!

A Thoughtful Review

Share your thoughts about the impact a teacher has made in your life with a thoughtful review on teacher review sites or even in a school review on Yelp or Great Schools. Give them a shout out to let others know just how wonderful they’ve been.


Pitch in with classmates to surprise teachers with donuts before class or another tasty dessert/snack if the class period is later in the day. Doing so in a group and taking the time to plan shows a teacher just how much effort their students put into showing their appreciation.

Gift Cards

Though hard to believe, teachers do have lives outside of the classroom. They, too, enjoy Starbucks coffee in the morning, dinners out on Friday nights, and yes, they even enjoy seeing the newest Marvel movies. If you have the means, teachers definitely won’t complain about gift cards! Bonus points if you pay enough attention to your teacher to know what type of gift card they’ll appreciate most!

A Nice Note

A simple thank you note is arguably the best gift a teacher can receive. From the heart, write about why you (as a student or a parent) appreciate them and why their lessons have been valuable. That will mean far more than an apple or gift card.

All Year Long

The most important way to show a teacher they are appreciated, beyond the sweets, gifts, and heartfelt notes, is to show it every day. Listen to them. Be respectful and courteous. Turn in homework on time. Give 100% on all of your assignments. Show them daily you value the lessons they are teaching. It not only benefits students, but makes all the difference to teachers.

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