Historic Anaheim Campus Students Present Science Fair Projects

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Wednesday, February 15 – Historic Anaheim Campus Gymnasium – Science Fair Presentation Day

The projects are lined up on tables in the gym. Tri-fold boards as far as the eye can see. Students sit nervously on the bleachers waiting for their name to be called by one of the judges.

Five Fairmont Prep teachers are visiting Fairmont’s Historic Anaheim Campus to judge the junior high science projects along with a few teachers from the Historic Anaheim Campus. Each judge will spend the day viewing 17 to 19 projects, listening to students explain their work. The science fair projects are split up among the five judges by subject.

“Physics teachers judge physics projects, biology teachers judge biology projects” explains, Fairmont Prep science teacher, Dr. Becky Osborne. “This way we can ask more directed questions and see how much of the science they really understand.”

Another Fairmont Prep science teacher, Lola Coleman, walks through the aisles between project presentations.

“Every year they get more interesting,” Coleman says, looking around at the multi-colored boards that will take up the rest of her day.

The students on the bleachers sit quietly, waiting to be called. Daniel Z. (8th grade) waits to present his project, which tested how to make clean water when none is available. The best way?

“According to my testing, banana peels and leaves,” Daniel says. He responds as if the answer is obvious, but he is careful to make known this is only in regards to his testing, not others’.

Daniel is confident as he waits to defend his findings. When asked if he’s nervous, he says with little hesitation, “Not yet.”

Sitting a couple of seats away from him is Samira W. (7th grade). She’s a little more anxious than Daniel, but talkative as she waits for her name to be called.

“I’m kind of nervous, but also excited at the same time,” she says.

Her project researched the effectiveness of child proof containers. She proudly explains that she tested the two most common types, “tab down, turn” and “push down, turn” on younger children to quantify which containers were most resistant to children.

“‘Tab down, and turn’ was more effective than push down, and turn’,” she says, as if sharing a secret.

Thursday, February 16 – Junior High Science Fair Award Ceremony

Nerves lessened with presentations complete, the Science Fair presenters and their families gather at an evening award ceremony. Students wear their best as they wait to find out if their project will win an award. Multiple students are given that honor.

Hannah H. (7th grade) and Jian P. (8th grade) take home “Best in Show,” the biggest award of the night, for their respective projects in their grade level. Hannah’s project looked at photosynthesis rates while Jian’s analyzed airplane performance.

Other awards given out are Grand Prize, 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place. One of the second place awards goes to Samira’s project on the effectiveness of childproof containers. All her nerves the day before prove worth it. The awarded students happily pose for pictures with their fellow category winners before returning home to celebrate with their families.

Best in Show 
7th Grade: Hannah H.- The Rates of Photosynthesis: A Race Among the Light Bulbs 
8th Grade: Jian P.- Elliptical Wingtip Extensions: A Novel Way to Improve Airplane Performance  
Grand Prize: 
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place: 
7th Grade:
Amethyst A.
 Sejal C.
Hannah H.
Aaron K.
Rayhan R. 
7th Grade: 
Nora D.
Jushen D. 
Vivian L. 
Liz P. 
Leila S.
Vera W.
7th Grade:
James A.
Arya B.
Hannah L.
Gianna N.
Ethan W.
Samira W.


7th Grade:
Nathan C.
Conlan M.
Derrick N.
Kendrick N.
James P.
Sehej S.


8th Grade: 
Natalie B. 
Danielle C. 
Heather Anne G. 
Naina M. 
Yiyi O. 
Jian P. 
8th Grade:
Varun B.
Dahlia C.
Jennifer C.
Kaitlyn K.
Chandler T.
Dale T.


8th Grade:
Raniyah C.
Iris C.
Ryan K.
Emmaly N.
Duke P.
Allison V.


8th Grade:
Lily C.
Erica D.
Elisabeth F.
Alena N.
Isabella P.
Joshua S.



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