Continuous Improvement through Professional Development

Fairmont Private Schools holds high expectations for our students to strive for continuous improvement and excellence. With one of Fairmont’s core values embodying lifelong learning, we hold our faculty to the same expectation. Each year, with the coordination and facilitation of Fairmont’s Education Department, the faculty of each campus complete a minimum of sixteen hours of professional development, with six of those hours focused specifically on technology. During the school year, the first Friday of every month is designated for grade-level coordination among among teachers, as well as meetings tailored to the needs of individual learning communities on campus.

Multiple professional development opportunities and in-service trainings are provided to faculty and staff throughout the year, covering topics such as technology, curriculum development, school safety, first aid, literacy and writing intervention, data analytics, assessment, and more. New teachers receive an additional five days of professional development prior to the beginning of the school year to make sure they’re ready to succeed as a Fairmont teacher. Regular grade-level coordination meetings, staff meetings, and one-on-one meetings with campus administration offer valuable opportunities for teachers to collaboratively plan lessons, analyze data to inform curriculum, share best practices, and discuss any student concerns. Fairmont teachers are also encouraged to attend workshops and conferences to learn new strategies for enhancing their practice in your student’s classroom.

A central component of Fairmont’s professional development plan is a three day in-service during November, lovingly referred to as “Turkey Week.” This past Thanksgiving week, all Fairmont faculty we’re on campus to participate in professional development activities. Our teachers had the opportunity to examine and revise curriculum, complete any necessary training courses or renew safety certifications, and share feedback on new grade-specific initiatives such as the Tadpole communication program being utilized in preschool and kindergarten. After attending individual sessions and meetings, all Fairmont faculty gathered to take part in an academic outcomes presentation to collectively review student academic data and analyze the results. Fairmont’s annual Turkey Week Training provides a great opportunity for our faculty to come together several months into the school year in pursuit of evaluation, learning, and continuous improvement.

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