Fairmont Continues Growth Through Accreditations

wascMany public and private elementary schools, high schools, and universities are proud to be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Many early childhood programs are proud to be accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Fairmont Private Schools is proud to be accredited by both!

While they may seem like a jumble of letters, these accreditations hold educational institutions to a rigorous standard and ensure excellence in programming. These accreditations mean even more when held in combination with each other. WASC represents a recognized commitment to a school’s continuous improvement, with a strong focus on students achieving extraordinary academic outcomes. NAEYC is the mark of quality in early childhood programs and ensures that children are in a safe and healthy environment, where they have well-trained teachers with access to excellent teaching materials, and students work with curriculum that is appropriately challenging and developmentally sound. In gaining both accreditations, Fairmont Private Schools meets the needs of the whole child in our academically focused, developmentally appropriate early childhood program.

naeycNeither accreditation is a “get it and forget it” type of recognition. Earning the WASC accreditation at each of Fairmont’s four campuses in 2013 was a year long process of collaboration and examination of academic data, instructional strategies, and organizational management. With the successful completion of a comprehensive “self-study” document and two-day site visit from WASC officials, Fairmont Private Schools was awarded a six-year accreditation. Similarly, the North Tustin and Anaheim Hills campuses earned five-year NAEYC accreditations in December 2015, after a year of gathering evidence and documenting success in nearly 1,500 criteria. These campuses are happy to have recently completed the NAEYC Annual Report, which documents the continued practice of NAEYC standards and celebrates growth in many facets of the program. With the addition of the pre-kindergarten program at the Historic Anaheim Campus this year, campus officials are hard at work earning their initial NAEYC accreditation this spring.


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