Early Childhood Enrichment: Technology

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Technology is everywhere, and while limited screen time is best for young children, it is equally important that they are exposed to the skills they will need to succeed in the 21st Century. All early childhood students at Fairmont Private Schools are engaged with interactive technology on a daily basis. Each classroom is equipped with a short-throw projector and Apple TV, which provides a platform for teachers to use iPads when conducting group lessons with interactive technology curriculum components. Beginning in pre-kindergarten, each classroom is equipped with desktop computers and iPads for student use.

Also beginning in pre-kindergarten, students visit the computer lab once per week where Fairmont’s computer science teachers enable students to become digitally literate. At Fairmont’s Anaheim Hills Campus, Mr. Vogel begins his instruction at a basic level, teaching children that computers are “tools, not toys,” and reinforcing proper posture, keyboard finger placement, and dexterity with the mouse. Students begin their lab instruction with fun activities, such as KidPix, which provides practice in these areas and produces a fun picture to take home. As students progress through elementary school, Fairmont’s computer science teachers teach each students to be proficient in Microsoft Office programs, internet safety, and as well as an array of coding! These skills prepare students for the projects and work products that will be expected of them in their future high school, college, and professional careers!

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