Frequently Asked Questions About Junior High

Fairmont Private Schools’ junior high program teaches students the organizational and study skills necessary for student success in higher education. We believe that preparation for high school involves much more than academics. Or professional, dedicated staff and faculty guide students, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Fairmont’s junior high students also benefit from a variety of resources such as computer labs, 1:1 iPad Program, libraries, theaters, gymnasiums, and athletics fields. Fairmont is committed to ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for students to continue enhancing their character, confidence, and social development.

Do students have a dress code?
Yes. Fairmont students are required to wear school uniforms purchased through True Grits uniform company.

What is the best way to communicate with teachers?
Each teacher has his/her own phone extension, as well as an email address. If you have questions regarding your child’s grade in a class or a specific question regarding class work, please contact the teacher directly. Blackboard is another great option for teacher communication. Log on at

How will I know how my child is doing in class?
Teachers regularly contact parents when a student’s grades change. Communication with parents is a priority at Fairmont Private Schools.

How can I check my child’s grades?
Each parent/guardian of students in 2nd grade or older will have access to our online system, Netclassroom, which displays current grades and comments from the teachers. Netclassroom can be accessed through our website at

Does Fairmont offer honors courses at the junior high level?
Yes. Honors courses are similar to regular courses, however students work at a faster pace, are introduced to additional texts, and are expected to write with a higher level of proficiency. Students are challenged with a wider variety of writing assignments and a more advanced study of vocabulary. Students are chosen for honors courses through teacher recommendations, standardized test scores, and writing proficiency assessments designed by Fairmont’s Education Department.

How much homework can a Fairmont junior high student expect?
Homework is an essential part of a successful education. It is necessary for academic growth and the development of good study habits. Students in 7th through 8th grade will be given nightly homework assignments Monday through Friday. Honors classes may require more.

How are students placed into classes?
Placement is based on teacher recommendation, grade in the class, and placement tests in math and English. Students new to Fairmont will take placement exams through the Admissions Department.

Is it possible for my child to have more than one test in a day?
As a general rule, no more than two tests are allowed per day at the junior high level.

Does each student receive a locker?
Each student will be assigned a locker and will purchase a lock from our P.E. Department. Since each student has a place for books and folders, a large backpack is not necessary.

Do students have physical education each day, and do they need to dress down?
Students have P.E. five days per week and need to dress down each day, or as instructed by their P.E. coach. P.E. clothes should be purchased through True Grits along with regular uniforms. All students will change in their appropriate locker room next to the gymnasium.

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