Summer Craft: Tin Can Wind Chimes

6 – 8 Tin Cans (Clean, label-less, and of any size)
Spray Paint (A variety of colors)
Acrylic Paint (A variety of colors)
Paint Brush
Thin Rope
Matches or Lighter
Embroidery Hoop or Lamp Shade Frame

  1. Spray paint the outsides of each tin can with a different color and let dry.WindChimes1
  2. Using a nail and hammer, punch a hole in the center of the bottom of each tin can.
  3. Decorate the cans with a paintbrush and acrylic paint, and let dry (Optional: Once dry, seal the design with a clear spray paint and let dry).
  4. Measure and cut lengths of rope so that the cans hang in a downward spiral.
  5. Thread one end of rope through the top of a can and melt the fraying end using a match or lighter. Once cool, tie into a knot that will hold the can in place. Repeat this process with each can and length of rope.
  6. Knot the free end of each rope around the embroidery hoop or lamp shade frame to make a downward spiral.
  7. Hang wind chime outside.

This craft’s instructions and photos are courtesy of Design Dazzle and A Girl and A Glue Gun. For more great crafts, visit Fairmont’s “The Art of Play” Pinterest board!
Adult supervision is highly encouraged for this project.

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