Summer Craft: Grass Heads

Old tights or stockings
Compost or potting soil
Grass seed
Rubber band
Small flower pot
Hot glue gun or craft glue
Googly eyes, felt, etc.

  1. Place two to three tablespoons of grass seed into the toe of a stocking.
  2. Add enough compost or potting soil to fill the inside toe and create a ball the size of an apple or softball.
  3. Tie the stocking into a knot at the base of the ball and cut away the remain material of the stocking.
  4. Pinch a small area of the front of the face and secure with a rubber band to create a nose.
  5. Glue googly eyes and a felt mouth onto the face.
  6. Place in a flower pot and routinely add water to the head, allowing the soil to soak up the water. Be careful to add too much water or the soil will become too grass-headsoggy and the grass may develop mold.
  7. After the grass has grown, give it a haircut!

This craft’s instructions and photos are courtesy of Red Ted Art. For more great craft ideas, visit Fairmont’s “The Art of Play” Pinterest board!

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