15 Hacks for Traveling with Kids

School is out and families are embarking on vacations and traveling adventures! While making memories as a family is important, traveling can be taxing. Take some of the stress out of your summer travel plans with these simple parenting hacks!

  1. Make sure your vehicle has a first aid kit with all the basics.

  2. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to clean dirty hands and remove any stickiness or grime that might accumulate in the car along the way.

  3. Keep kids entertained with a travel binder stocked with pencil cases, paper, coloring sheets, worksheets, crossword puzzles, etc. The binder not only keeps everything contained, but acts as a portable writing desk.

  4. Play the license plate game or road trip bingo with these free printables!

  5. Bring audiobooks that the whole family can enjoy while riding in the car.

  6. Tether sippy cups to car seats, making sure the length of string is long enough for use, but short enough to not be hazardous.

  7. Purchase suction cup shower caddies and attach to the car window for a place to store small toys, crayons, etc.

  8. Leave the expensive stroller at home. Cheap strollers are usually much smaller, lightweight, and won’t be missed if they’re stolen at the amusement park.

  9. If you’re going to be flying with an infant or toddler, try to reserve seats at the back of the plane. You’ll be closest to the restroom for convenient diaper changes, will have more storage space, will bother fewer passengers with a fussy baby, and will have more help from flight attendants.
  10. Pack small trinkets and snacks into a paper bag for each child. As a reward for their patience and cooperation, hand these out during a halfway point or once you reach your destination.

  11. Keep busy minds entertained by encouraging your kids to keep a travel journal. They can jot down their experience is a notebook, keep a photo diary, collect postcards, etc.!

  12. Freeze juice boxes to keep them cold and refreshing during travel. As a bonus, they’ll keep other snack items cool and refrigerated.

  13. If you’re worried about spills and stains, cover your car’s seat upholstery with an old bed sheet. If dirty shoes are a potential problem, bring plastic grocery bags or a pack of shower caps to keep shoe pairs together and contained.

  14. Keep out crumbs and gunk by putting muffin liners in cup holders.

  15. If you’re headed to a friend or family member’s house, travel light by packing clothing in vacuum-sealed bags. Just borrow the vacuum before heading home!

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