Kindergarteners Fundraise for Pacific Marine Mammal Center

The Anaheim Hills kindergarten classes have a long standing tradition of visiting the Pacific Marine Mammal Center for their spring field trip. The trip to the rescue center and lunch on the beach are one of the highlights of kindergarten. However, the  Anaheim Hills Campus recently received an email from the rescue center regarding the global rise in temperature and its impact on the local seals and sea lions. The rescue center is taking care of more marine mammals than ever and are in need of additional funds.

In response, the kindergartners brainstormed ways to help, ultimately deciding to host a bake sale and spare change drive. The students took the proceeds on the field trip and presented over $1,000 in contributions to the rescue center. A great opportunity for Fairmont’s youngest elementary students, the boys and girls saw exactly what their donation was going to be used for as they toured the rescue center! The kindergarten class has been invited to a release party on May 22nd at Crystal Cove!


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