Fairmont’s Debate Success Continues with 1st Place Victory at Cal State Fullerton

The Bruschke Invitational was held at California State University, Fullerton during the weekend of April 30th. Ten middle school students, representing all three Fairmont campuses, were in competition. Four of the five Fairmont teams broke into the elimination rounds. The team of Matthew O. and Sasha R., along with Alisha H. and Ryan I. were eliminated in the octa-finals and tied for 9th place. The team of Dale T. and YiYi O. were eliminated in the quarterfinals and tied for 5th place. Ali A. and Numair R. defeated a team from Riverside in the final round after a 3-0 panel judge decision, taking home 1st place! In addition, Numair R., Alisha H., and Ryan I, took home 1st, 2nd, and 15th place individual speaker awards, respectively.


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