Fairmont Junior High Students to Compete at 2016 National Academic Pentathlon

For the first time in the history of Fairmont Private Schools, junior high students from the Historic Anaheim Campus will compete at the 2016 National Academic Pentathlon at Boise State University on May 20, 2016.  Only two teams are invited to the national competition from each state.  This year, incredibly, both of California’s teams are from Fairmont.  Fairmont’s 7th and 8th grade teams got the nod after winning 1st place in the overall team and Super Quiz competitions in both grade levels at the Orange County Academic Pentathlon held on March 19.  Individually, Fairmont Historic Anaheim students won 72 total medals at the event.

“As soon as we made the national competition, many of our parents booked flights to Boise,” said Fairmont Historic Anaheim Assistant Director Rebecca Lugo.  “The support from our school and community has been outstanding. We are so happy and exceedingly proud of our students.”

Historic Anaheim students Gaby Tan, Julia Tao, Numair Razzak, Nikki Ngo, Milan Robinson, Alexisse Yoo (1st overall), Daniel Giraldo, Maddie Cameron, and Darin Kishore (1st overall) comprise the 8th grade team, and Dale Tran, Duke Pham Chang, Jian Park, Ryan Kim, Ryan Yi, William Wu (1st overall), Ryan Tao (1st overall), Kenneth Yang, and Raniyah Chishti make up the 7th grade team.

Fairmont’s North Tustin Campus and Anaheim Hills Campus also performed well at the OC Pentathlon, with the three Fairmont 7th grade teams taking 1st through 3rd place in the overall team and Super Quiz competitions.  Fairmont Anaheim Hills 7th grade team was awarded 2nd place overall team and 3rd place in the Super Quiz.  The 8th grade team finished 4th overall team and 6th in Super Quiz.  Individually, Fairmont Anaheim Hills students won 35 total medals at the event.

Anaheim Hills students Arjun Marwaha (1st overall), Pranav Kantamaneni, Faith Simpson, Kalista Lincoln, Ryan Chang, Laurie Younes, Kayden Holt, and Aaron Siegler comprise the 8th grade team, and Ali Ansari (1st overall), Ishan Patel, Melina Ghodsi, Dylan Pabuaya, Kyle Phan, Rohun Patel, Mackenzie Cowles, Ryan Roth, and Ethan Chen make up the 7th grade team.

Fairmont North Tustin’s 7th grade team was awarded 3rd place overall team and 2nd place in the Super Quiz.  The 8th grade team finished 5th overall team and 4th in Super Quiz.  Individually, Fairmont North Tustin students won 18 total medals at the event.  In total, Fairmont Private Schools students won an incredible 125 total individual medals.

North Tustin students Alexander Kwon, Andrew Pan, Sasha Ronaghi, Ryan Hosseinzadeh, Dhruv Patel, Matthew Ong, Arvin Kupumbati, Diego Huerta, Linda Hachim, Jackson Lobianco, Sterling Taylor, and Saigayathri Bhaskar comprise the 8th grade team, and Kaylin Ong, Sofia Riazi, Ved Shivade, David Phan, Harishri Savdharia, Hitakshi Savdharia, Shawn Bari, Danny Wang, and Odi Li make up the 7th grade team.

The 2016 competition is the 24th straight year in which a Fairmont Private Schools’ 7th or 8th grade team has won 1st place at the OC Academic Pentathlon.  In 15 of those years, both Fairmont 7th and 8th grade teams have won 1st place overall.

“We are very excited about the National Pentathlon invitation and hope that this will be the beginning of a new legacy for our school,” said Lugo.  “Our team of coaches has been working together for the past eight years. Their camaraderie, energy, passion, and care for the students is unmatched.”

This tradition of excellence is sustained only with the dedication of Fairmont’s teachers, who work with students to help them master the competition’s key academic subjects.  The Pentathlon’s areas of concentration are language and literature, fine arts, science, mathematics, and social science.  Teams prepare for the competition over three months, receiving coaching during their elective class period three to five times per week.  Academic Pentathlon teams are comprised of students in three different grade point average categories (Honor 3.75 – 4.00, Scholastic 3.00 – 3.74, and Varsity 0.00 – 2.99), so all students have an opportunity to compete.  Team awards are given for Overall and Super Quiz, while students can earn individual medals in each category, including top overall student.

The Historic Anaheim Campus teams will depart for Boise, Idaho for the National Pentathlon on Wednesday, May 18 with the competition taking place on Friday, May 20.  Awards will be presented at a banquet on Saturday, May 21.


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