Pentathlon Success … A Proud Fairmont Tradition

For more than 20 years, Fairmont Private Schools has had a first place team in Orange County’s premiere academic competition—the OC Academic Pentathlon. This proud tradition is sustained by a dedicated group of teachers who help students master the key academic subjects of the competition. The areas of concentration are written communications, literature, mathematics, science, and social science.

During the three months of preparation, teams of students receive coaching from English, science, math, and literature teachers during the regular school day. Teams for the Academic Pentathlon must include students with varying grade averages. Even students who struggle with their everyday workload at Fairmont can compete. Team awards are given for Super Quiz and Overall Team while students can earn individual medals in each category including top overall student.

“It’s all about the details,” said Ms. Vanessa Patterson who preps students in English and literature. “Students are not just asked to learn the big picture, but also must find the small details and properly analyze, memorize, and apply them.”

The Pentathlon generates excitement among junior high students who find the opportunity to engage in a deeper level of academic pursuits and win medals very appealing. The chance to study as a team, develop camaraderie, and exchange their academic strengths to help each other offers a fitting introduction to the rigors of high school and college. The teachers are equally motivated to work with these students who are aspiring to achieve the success of their upper-grade predecessors.

Participating in the Pentathlon is one of the many rewarding experiences that Fairmont students cherish.

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