Fairmont Prep Students Earn Awards at Physics Olympiad Semi-Finals

Congratulations to Xinta Y. and Claire H. for earning awards at the rigorous semi-finals of the 2015 U.S. Physics Olympiads. Xinta received a Bronze Medal, and Claire received Honorable Mention.

Only 382 students were invited to participate at this stage of the prestigious competition. Out of the group, only 20 will go on to participate in an intensive ten-day camp at the end of May. Five students and one alternative will be selected to compete in the International Physics Olympiad as the U.S. traveling team.

Overall, 4,390 students from around the country participated in the Fnet=ma exam, which is round one of the competition. Out of these 4,390, 382 made the cut to the semi-finals, and 259 received an award (38 Gold, 56 Silver, 73 Bronze, and 92 Honorable Mentions).

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