Fairmont Prep Robotics Club Competes in International Championship

In April, members of Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s robotics club, VEX Team 6714A Flamerseeker (Frank Z., Cloud W., Bill H., and Marc S.) competed in the VEX World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. For three days, more than 500 teams from the United States, Asia, and Europe participated in the annual tournament involving robots and their “drivers.”

Following a series of practice and qualifying matches, the Fairmont team ranked 24th in the semi-final round. Overall, the team members left Louisville with a memorable team building experience. They also appreciated the opportunity to interact with fellow students from around the world who share their interest in this rapidly growing technological field.

Each match involved two teams competing to earn points in demonstrating robot operation and programming skills. Teams were also tested in the areas of CAD, animation, and essay preparation as part of the online component of the tournament.

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