Fairmont Schools Takes First Place In National Toshiba ExploraVision Competition

HWSS is a mixture of two components: nanofibers used in Spinal Cord technology and a
2012 Cochlear Implant. In HWSS the nanofibers are used to coat the auditory nerve. When sound waves
enter the ear they are able to bypass the nerve damage. Combining this nanofiber technology with the
regular cochlear implant results in a perfect solution for any type of hearing loss.
“I am so proud to be coaching this team of students. They are innovative thinkers who explore new
ideas with enthusiasm. Cochlear implants and spinal cord procedures are complicated technologies to
understand, but these students did their research and became experts on the topic, because they had a
passion for helping the deaf to hear,” said Kathryn Baham, Fairmont Mable Campus Science Teacher and
ExploraVision Coach.
This is the third consecutive year Fairmont Private Schools has placed in the annual Toshiba
ExploraVision competition.
Past awards include:

  • 2010: 2nd Place Nationally for Automatic Correcting Eyeglasses by John Wen and Valerie Narumi
  • 2009: Regional Winner for The Smart Cane by Tera Gilham, Justine Guzman, Victoria Nguyen

About the ExploraVision Program
ExploraVision challenges students, working in teams of two to four, to research scientific principles
and current technologies as the basis for designing innovative technologies that could exist in 20 years.
With its multi-level, imaginative, and fun approach to learning, the program is designed to appeal to a
broad range of students of all interest, skill, and ability levels. As a testament to the program’s value
as an educational tool, many teachers across the country now incorporate ExploraVision into their
regular science curriculum, and for many former ExploraVision winners, the program has served as
encouragement to pursue further science-related careers. Learn more at

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