Debate Team Takes Top honors

Anaheim, CA – December 22, 2008 – Winners all around, or that’s what the atmosphere is like at the campus of Fairmont Private Schools, Anaheim Hills. The Fairmont Forensic Society Anaheim Hills Debate Team won top honors, including the Golden Gavel first-place award at the Fairmont Forum
Debate Tournament.

Eight middle schools participated in the event, including 31 teams and more than 90 individual speakers. Fairmont student, Manish Patel, won the individual speaker Golden Gavel honor while the Fairmont Anaheim Hills team won first place in the Tournament Award category. The Overall School Award also went to Fairmont Anaheim Hills.

Team awards went to Fairmont students Garrison Ralston, Samantha Dalby and Asutin Kaidi who won
2nd place; Lauren Herndon, Michelle Nguyen and Manish Patel took home 3rd place and Denzel Matthew and Noah Eastman won 4th place.

Fairmont individual speaker winners include Samantha Dalby, 3rd place; Austin Kaidi, 4th place; Paige
Miller, 19th place and Vasudev Tadimeti, 20th place.

The tournament was held December 6; schools that participated in the event included Canyon Hills and
Saint Mark’s.

“I can’t tell you how amazed and awestruck I am at how well our students performed,” said Kristi Mead
Fairmont Private Schools Instructional Technology Coordinator. “It was an exciting day!”