Technology Enhanced Curriculum (TEC)

In a rapidly changing world, Fairmont must provide students with the learning opportunities necessary to excel in our global society. Our teachers have the tools and professional development to facilitate this level of instruction.

Not only must the curriculum grow and change depending on these factors, but the learning environment itself must facilitate and stimulate new ways of thinking, communicating, accessing information, and experiencing life.

Here at Fairmont Private Schools, we believe that technological advances in education are a necessary component of a 21st century education. It’s a way in which Fairmont gives students the skills to move forward as leaders on whichever path they choose.

Based on extensive research and careful planning, our teachers have integrated technology with traditional instruction to optimize student learning and enrichment. Teachers receive extensive technology training each year from Fairmont’s Education Department. This strong support base helps ensure the success of classroom technology initiatives along with optimizing proven teaching methods.

The result is a balanced and effective learning environment as well as enhanced engagement between students, teachers and parents.

Fairmont’s educational technology fosters a high level of student engagement and provides our educators with the tools and training necessary to give our students a competitive edge in a global society.

  • 1:1 iPad Program – Through extensive research and careful planning, Fairmont’s Education Department offers a unique technology program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades that utilizes iPads as a means of enhancing our curriculum and your child’s learning. We also utilize iPads throughout our elementary grades.
  • Blackboard – A learning management system that enables your student to stay organized and up-to-date on all classroom assignments, projects, and events.
  • NetClassroom – An online resource that enables teachers to share student information with parents, including a child’s grades and class schedule.
  • Accelerated Math – The Accelerated Math program helps students build a strong foundation in math skills and concepts.
  • Accelerated Reader – The Accelerated Reader program helps Fairmont students foster a love of reading.
  • Classroom Technology – The technology program at Fairmont enhances academic achievement and actively engaging 21st century student minds.

Our kindergarteners are more engaged with the use of the Eno board and the ‘magic’ pen. They love the iPads, and it is such a useful educational tool.

Shelley Bivens

Kindergarten Teacher, Fairmont Historic Anaheim Campus

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