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Preparing for the 1:1 Program

junior high 1:1 ipad program, fairmont students using iPadsAt Fairmont Private Schools, we continue to build upon a 60-year tradition of academic excellence and embrace the opportunities our 21st century learning platform provides for students.

Fairmont recognizes that students of this generation learn and engage in education differently than students in the past. Our iPad 1:1 program for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders utilizes iPads as a means of enhancing our curriculum and your child’s learning.

The path to implementing this program has been very purposeful and well designed to deliver the educational experience our students to need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


iPad Information Letter
Required iPad Apps

iTunes U Parent iPad Manual

Fairmont TEC is proud to offer its own courses for use of the iPad designed for students, parents and teachers.

From your iPad, please click on the links below to enroll in our courses from the iTunes U Store.

iLearn: Student Edition
iLearn: Parent Edition

Required iPad Apps for Grades 6-8

The following apps are required for all 6-8 graders. Please make sure your child has each of these apps loaded on his or her device by the first day of school. You and your child will receive training on the use of each app in the classroom.

You can click on each link below from your iPad to be taken directly to the App Store for immediate download of each app.

Paid Apps

iAnnotate PDF – $9.99
Explain Everything – $2.99
iMovie – $4.99
Book Creator – $4.99

Free Apps

Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
iTunes U
Puffin Academy

Recommended Apps (Not Required)

Tellagami (Free to download. Character customization pack – $2.99)
Puppet Pals (Free to download.
Character customization pack – $0.99 each)

Video Tutorials

General Questions

If I have questions about the iPad program, who should I contact?

Ms. Carolyn Lucia
Director of Education

Dr. Rebecca Osborne
Technology-Enhanced Curriculum Specialist

What kind of iPad does my student need?

Your student must have an Pad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Mini with at least 32GB of memory. Apple is no longer offering support for the iPad 1 or iPad 2 models, and apps will begin to phase out updates for these models. These are the minimum requirements. Since your student will be using the iPad in all classes to create projects, store textbooks, download homework, and research information, at least 32GB of memory is required so that the iPad is able to store all of this material.

Is a 3G enabled iPad required?

Your student is expected to have Internet access while away from campus. Although 3G is not required, you may want to purchase this option if your student does not have reliable Wi-Fi access at home. While on Fairmont campuses, students may not use 3G or 4G connections.

How does my student learn to use the iPad? What resources will be available?

Fairmont will provide periodic training sessions, including an introductory session at the beginning of the school year, for the students to become familiar with the use of their iPads. These sessions will be listed on the academic calendar. In addition, Fairmont will provide both Student-Use and Parent-Use Handbooks through iTunes U. These handbooks will provide tips, instructions, and other information on the use of the iPad and various apps that the student may be expected to use throughout the school day.

Will any other device besides the iPad be acceptable?

No. The iPad is required because all students are expected to have access to the same functions, applications, and options on their tablets. All teachers will be using lessons and curricula that are specific to the iPad. If your student brings another device, he or she may be asked to utilize our loaner program (see question #4 below) and may miss out on valuable instruction and activities.

Do I need to provide a protective cover for the iPad or other accessories or will the school provide these items?

Protective cases and screen covers are highly recommended and will not be provided by Fairmont. In addition, the student may want to use a stylus and/or keyboard to assist in typing on the iPad. These accessories will not be provided by Fairmont.

Do I need to buy insurance? What are my options for warranty and repairs?

Although insurance is not required, it is highly recommended that each family subscribes to some form of insurance protection. Apple Care covers one year of limited warranty (http://www.apple.com/legal/warranty/), and additional coverage can be purchased through Apple (http://www.apple.com/support/products/ipad.html). The Worth Ave. Group also provides a comprehensive policy (http://www.worthavegroup.com/ipad), as does Square Trade (http://www.squaretrade.com/ipad-warranty). There are also a number of local repair shops that will provide most hardware repairs, such as RepairZoom in Irvine or iCracked iPad Repair in Orange.

What happens when my child misplaces the iPad, damages it, or forgets to bring it to school?

While the Preparatory Academy offers a loaner program, this will not be offered at the Junior High campuses. Students are responsible for bringing their iPad to school in good working order with a full charge. If this is not possible due to a loss, theft or damage, students should make arrangements with their teachers to understand any consequences and make up any work that may be missed. Repairs or replacements must be made as soon as possible.

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