Cornish, Marcy

Marcy Cornish

Grade you teach: Fourth Grade
Additional Responsibilities: Grade Level Coordinator, Tiger Team Member, Former AH Mentor Teacher
Any additional responsibilities you've performed in a school environment. None
Educational Background: A.A. Degree in Business Administration, Early Childhood Education Teaching Certificate, Early Childhood Education Administrative Certificate, B.A. in Human Development (graduated Magna Cum Laude), M.A. in Education (graduate Pi Lambda Theta), California Teaching Credential
Work experience: I began working at Fairmont in January 1999 as a Pre-K teacher in the AH campus, and I have been working as a 4th grade teacher since August 2003
Hobbies, special interests: Hiking, reading, spending time with my family
What motivated you to become a teacher? None
What do you enjoy most about your role at Fairmont? I truly enjoy working with children. I appreciate that we are provided with different technology equipment/software which helps diversify our curriculum and allows us to keep it more interesting for the students.
What do you love most about teaching? None