Student & Family Counseling Services

To maintain a caring and enriching learning environment for students and help them thrive personally, emotionally, and academically, Fairmont Private Schools has a School Counselor who is an MFT- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. For more than 13 years, Ms. Jill Thomas, MFT has worked closely with Fairmont parents along with teachers, campus directors, academic counselors, and staff to identify academic-based and personal challenges and develop practical solutions.

Under parental consent, Ms. Thomas offers students preschool through 12th grade professional, age-appropriate emotional support and counseling. She helps them build a foundation for leading a healthy work/life balance, maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about themselves, and fostering interests leading to exciting academic and extracurricular pursuits. Taking the time to know students individually is essential for understanding their strengths, learning styles, challenges, interests, and goals. Ms. Thomas, along with teachers and other colleagues, are committed to nurturing the “whole” student and setting the course for them to help them achieve well-rounded personal and academic development.

International Student Support

Her service is especially valuable in helping international students become comfortable in their new home and school setting. Understanding cultural attitudes and expectations, Ms. Thomas provides the care and attention for students to feel confident as active members of the campus community.

Ms. Thomas also organizes monthly gatherings for the host families of Fairmont’s international students. This meeting enables families to share experiences and exchange ideas for best practices to effectively acclimate international students in their homes.

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