Fairmont North Tustin Campus

Timeless Values, Cutting-Edge Learning

Students at our Fairmont North Tustin Campus appreciate the personalized approach to learning and our close-knit community atmosphere. We support academic development as well as encourage growth in character, leadership, and special talents. We are especially proud of our students' accomplishments in both regional and national science, debate, and academic competitions.

We offer an accelerated and WASC accredited academic program for students in Pre-K – eighth grade. Our educators blend educational technology and traditional instruction for a curriculum that is second to none. Arts and sports also play an important part in our community. Our thriving drama department stages plays and musicals throughout the year in our campus theatre, Allison Hall. Visual art students express themselves through drawing, painting, and sculpture in our art studio. Throughout these opportunities, we instill character development and community engagement to make the world a better place.

From timeless values to cutting-edge learning, Fairmont's distinctive educational approach gives students the opportunity to reach their full potential. We invite you to experience our educational community for yourself.

Mrs. Kristen Jansen
Campus Director
North Tustin Campus

Kristen Jansen
Mrs. Kristen Jansen
North Tustin Campus Director

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Campus Overview

Campus Quick Facts

  • Character building opportunities through community service projects
  • Four junior high Academic Pentathlon teams won 158 medals total, including Overall Team and Super Quiz Team awards
  • Fairmont North Tustin was the first school in Orange County to participate in the Middle School Public Debate Program. The school's debate teams consistently win top awards in the OC Debate League
  • Extended Day Robotics Program
  • Close to 600 pieces of art have been displayed in eight art contests resulting in more than 25 special awards
  • Fairmont teams participate in the Developmental Sports League (DSL), which includes boys' flag football and basketball, co-ed soccer, girls' volleyball, and basketball. Fairmont teams also participate in the Junior High Tri-Way Sports, which includes boys' flag football, basketball, soccer and girls' volleyball, basketball, and soccer

Fairmont North Tustin Campus

Fairmont Private Schools North Tustin Campus is a dynamic educational community blending relevant curriculum with committed educators to give students a truly exceptional learning experience. Through individualized attention and guidance, Fairmont serves as a catalyst to move children forward academically, personally and socially. Alumni appreciate how teachers challenged and provided them the foundation and confidence to succeed in high school and college.

There is a high level of professionalism among the teachers and staff of the North Tustin Campus. The curriculum is enhanced through engaging field trips and special weekly classes such as computer science, language, art, science, music and more. Students consistently earn top scores at the Orange County Academic Pentathlon, state and national science fairs and debate competitions.

Additionally, they thrive in a variety of team sports, community service programs as well as performing arts and fine arts. We appreciate our relationship with an active parent community and enjoy the open communication, which strengthens our commitment to students.

Meet the North Tustin Teachers and Staff

After School Programs

Discovering Science

Get ready to go prehistoric, as we build a Dino-Robot that you get to take home! Prepare to transform into your favorite Superhero, and hold one of the strongest and exotic creatures on earth! Explore the world of Chemistry with the mysterious “Yellow - Blue - Switcheroo.” Doodle-bots, magnetic bug crawlers, and much more will make this our best session yet!

Beginning Chess

Chess is a game without limits, that children can continue learning for the rest of their lives. IAC’s goal is to help build a foundation of love for the game, while helping them develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and patience.


Join Coach Joel for soccer and dodgeball on Wednesdays! The fundamentals of both sports will be taught and games will be played in a fun and safe environment. No child is left out!

Preschool Soccer & Basketball

Join Coach Joel for soccer and basketball, just for Preschool! This class is especially geared toward our aspiring preschool soccer and basketball stars! The fundamentals of both sports will be taught and games will be played in a fun and safe environment. No child is left out!

Beginning Robotics Session 1/2

The LEGO Education WeDo Program introduces young students to engineering concepts through robotics. Students will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors, use software to program their models, and explore their ability to problem solve. The goal is to develop their real world STEM skills, focusing on software programming logic, beginning engineering concepts, and detailed building plans while having fun. This session we will be building and having a soccer game!

Intermediate Robotics

LEGO Mindstorm Robotics enables students to engineer, build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology. Focusing on STEM skills, student teams will utilize a powerful core computing unit to control motors and sensors, collect data, and process sensor feedback. Students must brainstorm, problem solve, and conduct trial-and-error experiments to complete exciting dynamic engineering challenges.

Iron Chef: Cooking Fun!

In this class, kids will have fun with food! Students will explore new recipes and learn about measuring, nutrition, and dining etiquette, as well as compete in cooking challenges! (Tell the office and the instructor of any allergies or dietary restrictions your child has. We do not include nut products in our classes.)

Preschool Tumbling & Yoga

This class will introduce children to the fundamentals of yoga through imagery, poses, and breathing techniques. Yoga is an engaging way to develop focusing skills and expand children’s imaginations with use of fun class themes. This class will increase balance, flexibility, focus and coordination while encouraging children to have fun and be creative!

Elementary Jazz & Hip Hop Dance

This class introduces the Jazz technique while combining popular hip hop routines with today’s most exciting steps. Students will learn exciting routines to age appropriate music and have fun while building body awareness, flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence!

Creative Sculpture

In this class, students will learn about famous sculptors and complete fun sculpture projects inspired by their works! We teach the principles of sculpture and allow students to create their own works of art with various media and how to make many different forms of sculpture such as figurines, beads, jewelry, mosaics, and abstract structures.

Young Doctors

What’s up, doc? Making your very own brain, that’s what! This series teaches children about the body’s circulatory system, respiratory system, and integumentary system. We’ll review basic first aid and show your child how to take blood pressure readings and make fake wounds that YOUNG DOCTORS like to treat!

Basketball & Hockey

Join Coach Joel for basketball and hockey after school. The fundamentals and rules of both sports will be taught. Students will learn drills and play games as they build confidence, while getting great exercise. No child is left out. Sign up today and start the fun!

Jedi Training

The Force will be with you as you learn the way of the Padawan! Play Ultimate Star Wars games, build Star Wars vehicles and go from Jedi Padawan to Jedi Knight in one session! You will learn to act like the characters, draw the Clone Wars cartoon characters, create your own Jedi uniform, take home your very own Light Saber, and more!