Junior High Programs

Whether students begin their Fairmont education in the 6th or 7th grade or have attended Fairmont Private Schools since preschool, our junior high program ensures high school readiness for all students.

Our junior high students gain the organizational and study skills that are necessary for success in upper grades. Students also appreciate our dedicated faculty and staff who guide them in developing their abilities in critical thinking, creativity, collaborative learning, and problem solving.

The Associated Student Body offers opportunities for students to be involved in leadership and participate in activities such as Spirit Week and school dances. Fairmont students also benefit from a variety of resources on campus such as a computer lab, music studio, library, theater, full-court gymnasium, and athletic fields. Fairmont is committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for students to continue enhancing their character, confidence, and social development.

An Environment Where Students Grow, Learn, and Build Confidence

The teachers at Fairmont were truly passionate about what they do. In the small town learning environment that Fairmont provides, student-teacher relationships are part of what makes the school experience so enjoyable.

When I entered Fairmont, I was shy, curious, and studious. Now I am bold, courageous, and even more studious. Fairmont has not caused me to change who I am; rather it has helped me create who I am. No price tag can be placed on such an experience, for it is integral to the development of every individual who passes through Fairmont’s doors.

Kayla Bach

Fairmont Alumna

  • WASC and AdvancED accredited program
  • Most of Fairmont’s 8th grade students read at college and career-ready levels
  • Personalized Attention: Ability groups, academic assistance, and homework clubs help students overcome academic challenges and achieve success
  • To foster social responsibility, junior high students complete a set number of hours of annual community service
  • Advanced math in elementary and junior high allows students seeking a challenge to take pre-calculus before high school
  • High rankings are scored each year in the Broadcom Master Awards, State Science Fair, and National Spanish Spelling Bee
  • Achieved first place in the Orange County Academic Pentathlon for 25 consecutive years
  • Character education incorporated into curriculum to give students a framework for making smart decisions and preparing them for leadership roles in the future
  • A wide variety of elective classes and extracurricular activities allow students to pursue their unique passions

Elective Options

Character Development

All Fairmont students are taught the traits of Character Counts! with an emphasis on fostering social-emotional development and peer relationships. We incorporate these traits into all that we do and recognize students when they display them.

Character Counts! is a framework centered on basic values called the Six Pillars of Character, which are highlighted throughout the year including: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

One of the best things about Fairmont is that we encourage each child to excel. We never put a cap on a child’s learning if he or she is ready for the next challenge.

Carole Calabria

Historic Anaheim Campus Director from 1980 - 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications due?

Open enrollment for prospective students begins mid-February. To avoid being placed on a waiting list, we recommend that applicants submit their applications prior to that date and complete an assessment. Fairmont has a rolling admissions policy—after March, qualified students are accepted as space allows.

How many classes do junior high students have each day?

Junior high students have eight classes: literature, English, math, science, history, world languages, physical education, and an elective.

How are students placed into classes?

Placement is based on teacher recommendation, grade in the class, and placement tests in math and English. Students new to Fairmont will take placement exams through the Admissions Department.

Do junior high students have a dress code?

Yes. Fairmont students are required to wear school uniforms purchased through True Grits uniform company.

Is there an after-school program for junior high students and does it accommodate the schedules of working parents?

Supervised care is available for junior high students from 4-6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students have the opportunity to study and complete homework after school. Also, Homework Club is available from 3:15-4:15 p.m. and Academic Assistance is available from 3:15-4:15 p.m.

Is an academic assistance program provided?

Yes, the Academic Assist program is available to students needing reinforcement in any specific area of learning.

How much homework can a Fairmont junior high student expect?

Homework is an essential part of a successful education. It is necessary for academic growth and the development of good study habits. Students in junior high will be given nightly homework assignments Monday through Friday. Honors classes will require more time.

Is it possible for my child to have more than one test in a day?

Two tests per day are allowed at the junior high level.

How is community service incorporated?

24 hours of community service is arranged by the school.

Will I know when my child is not doing well in a class?

Teachers regularly contact parents when students’ grades drop or change drastically. Communication with parents is a priority on our campus.

How can I check my child’s grades?

Each parent/guardian will have access to our online system which displays your student’s current grades, along with comments from the teachers. Login information as well as your username and password are provided at the start of school and can be obtained through your campus registrar.

What is the best way to communicate with teachers?

Each teacher has his/her own phone extension as well as email address. If you have questions regarding your child’s grade in a class or a specific question regarding class work, please contact the teacher directly. MyBackpack is another great option for teacher communication.

Does each student receive a locker?

Each student will be assigned a locker and will purchase a lock from our P.E. department. Since each student has a place for books and folders, a large backpack is not necessary.

Do students have physical education each day, and do they need to dress out?

Students have P.E. five days per week and need to dress out each day, or as instructed by their P.E. coach. P.E. clothes should be purchased along with regular uniforms. All students will change in their appropriate locker room next to the gymnasium. It is advised that your child bring his/her gym clothes home each week to be washed. It is also recommended that students keep hygienic supplies (such as deodorant) in their locker to reapply if needed.

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