Historic Anaheim Campus (Preschool – 8th Grade)

A Home Away From Home

As the first of all of the Fairmont campuses, we are proud of the part the Historic Anaheim Campus has played in Fairmont’s history. That history is a tradition of commitment to excellence in all areas of a child’s educational life. Historic Anaheim Campus is home to a 24-year first place winning streak in the Orange County Academic Pentathlon. Each year, our students perform exceptionally well on standardized tests and win many prestigious awards. While academics are the core of our program, music, art, and sports flourish here as well.

Our dedicated teachers share a kind, enthusiastic spirit as they tend to the business of educating and caring for their students. Their belief in the promise of these students has created an atmosphere filled with optimism and high expectations. The Historic Anaheim Campus is truly a “home away from home” for our students and for all of us who share in their educational life. From the grace and beauty of our landmark 100 year-old Moreton Bay Fig tree to the 21st century skills our students learn and practice every day, Fairmont’s Historic Anaheim Campus has so much to offer the young leaders of tomorrow.

Carole Calabria Fairmont Private Schools

Carole Calabria
Campus Director

Campus Overview

Historic Anaheim Campus

The Fairmont Historic Anaheim Campus has a rich history of academic and athletic achievements dating back to the school’s founding in 1953. We are proud that our students learn and play on the same picturesque grounds enjoyed by students for more than sixty years. Although technology has greatly changed, the close-knit sense of community between teachers and students remains solid and relevant. Our educators hold high expectations for themselves and their students.

The success stemming from this accountability is remarkable. Academically, our students continue to achieve some of the highest standardized test scores in Orange County. Our music, art, debate, science, and sports programs receive recognition with many students earning awards at science fairs, debate competitions, sports tournaments, art shows, and music/drama performances. The open communication with parents supports our commitment to educational excellence for every child.

Quick Facts

  • USAD Pentathlon National Champions 2016, 8th grade won National Champion Gold and 7th grade won the National Champion Silver medals
  • Twenty-four consecutive years of first place rankings at the Orange County Academic Pentathlon
  • Accelerated curriculum at all levels to prepare students to work above grade level and allow exceptionally gifted children to take high school level classes
  • Top School Award at 2016 Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF), four 1st place awards, two 2nd place awards, one 3rd place award, and two 4th place awards
  • An orchestra consisting of students in 2nd through 8th grades
  • Fairmont teams participate in the Developmental Sports League (DSL), which includes boys’ flag football and basketball, co-ed soccer, girls’ volleyball and basketball and the Junior High Tri-Way Sports, which includes boys’ flag football, basketball, soccer, and girls’ volleyball, basketball, and soccer
  • Beautiful grounds and extensive play areas

Teachers & Administrators

Click here to download the campus directory (PDF).

  • Brandon Adame

    Brandon Adame

    3rd Grade

  • Audra Alvarado

    Audra Alvarado

    Admissions Director

  • Christopher Baarstad

    Christopher Baarstad

    Junior High International Program

  • Kathryn Baham

    Kathryn Baham

    Robotics / Science Lab

  • Crystal Barnett

    Crystal Barnett

    2nd Grade

  • Amelia Bauman

    Amelia Bauman

    3rd Grade

  • Shelley Bivens

    Shelley Bivens

    Junior Kindergarten

  • John Briner

    John Briner

    Junior High Science

  • Gina Bullock

    Gina Bullock

    4th Grade

  • Carole Calabria

    Carole Calabria

    Managing Campus Director

  • Kellie Cameron

    Kellie Cameron

    Assistant Director

  • Allison Connolly

    Allison Connolly


  • Antonia Cueto

    Antonia Cueto


  • Beverly Debreczeni

    Beverly Debreczeni

    Junior High English & Literature

  • Robert Esquerre

    Robert Esquerre

    5th Grade

  • Janice Falt

    Janice Falt

    2nd Grade

  • Pablo Giustorobelo

    Pablo Giustorobelo

    World Language / Junior High Spanish

  • Susy Gomez

    Susy Gomez

    Pre-Kindergarten Aide

  • Robin Gormin

    Robin Gormin


  • Gustav Gratzer

    Gustav Gratzer

    Physical Education

  • Bianka Guleserian

    Bianka Guleserian


  • Alena Hallack

    Alena Hallack

    Social Studies

  • Molly Healey

    Molly Healey

    6th Grade

  • Benjamin Hughes

    Benjamin Hughes


  • Trevor Ickes

    Trevor Ickes

    Math / English / Social Studies

  • Katie Jones

    Katie Jones

    5th Grade

  • Lainie Kelbaugh

    Lainie Kelbaugh


  • Katy Kitchen

    Katy Kitchen

    Physical Education

  • Marla Kuka

    Marla Kuka


  • Talia Lerma

    Talia Lerma

    Assistant Director, Early Childhood Education

  • Kelly Luckham

    Kelly Luckham

    4th Grade

  • Rebecca Lugo

    Rebecca Lugo

    Assistant Director

  • Monica Martinez

    Monica Martinez


  • Kristen McGrane

    Kristen McGrane


  • Nadia Mudd

    Nadia Mudd

    6th Grade

  • Lisa Napier

    Lisa Napier

    Physical Education

  • Karen O'Hanlon

    Karen O'Hanlon

    Junior High Drama and Debate

  • Michelle Paraiso

    Michelle Paraiso

    Junior High Math

  • Vanessa Patterson

    Vanessa Patterson

    6th Grade

  • Donna Riley

    Donna Riley

    English & Literature

  • Liz Sanders

    Liz Sanders

    ASSIST / Math

  • Leslie Spinella

    Leslie Spinella

    1st Grade

  • Shelly Suminski

    Shelly Suminski


  • Joycelyn Sun

    Joycelyn Sun

    4th Grade

  • Victoria Villegas

    Victoria Villegas

    Junior High International Program

  • Luz Vivar

    Luz Vivar

    ESL Support and Preschool Enrichment

  • Shelby Wagner

    Shelby Wagner

    1st Grade

After School Programs



    Design, create, and put your very own Speedy-Bot to the test. This robot is all about customization! Every student that attends will get to fully design and innovate their robot in order to complete numerous missions. The possibilities are endless, with tons of ways to engineer your perfect robot and prepare it for the robot battle and races. See what a day in the life of a Robotics Engineer is all about as you create your own robot that you actually program. That’s right, you tell it what to do, and it carries out the plan! All new prizes, quality projects, and the amazing Mr. Fogg are going to make this a session for the record books.


    The force will be with you as you learn the way of the Padawan!! Play Ultimate Star Wars games, build Star Wars vehicles, and go from Padawan to Jedi Knight in one session!! You will act out characters and scenes, learn to draw the Clone Wars cartoon characters, create your own Jedi uniform, and take home your very own Light Saber!


    Come create your own animations and games using MIT’s Scratch, Tynker and more! Students will learn fundamental programming concepts by dragging colorful blocks of code, creating simple and fun programs. Studies show that programming helps children with problem solving skills, logical thinking, and brain development. Some great new and fun concepts will be taught this quarter, so please come and join. No prior experience needed!


    Want to become the Grand Master of Chess? Fairmont chess is the place to start. Chess improves critical thinking and problem solving skills. It teaches patience and good sportsmanship. Chess is a game without limits that children can continue learning for the rest of their lives. International Activities Club’s goal is to help build a foundation of love for the game, while helping them develop skills for their future. Students will be separated based on experience level.


    This class is designed to encourage students to draw, paint, and create artwork that interests them. Students can use their own “style” or they can learn from the Masters. Impressionism, Realism, Expressionism, and even cartooning are options. Students will have their choice of media: pencil, crayon, paint, soft pastel, oil pastel, or mixed media. Each student works at his or her own pace. Students will be encouraged to enter local, state, and national contests.


    Students will find themselves applying math and science concepts (STEM) to solve problems, use computer software to successfully program a robot, and strengthen their communication skills by learning to effectively collaborate with a team. Students will gain skills that they will apply throughout their academic career, all while having fun learning. This session we will take it out of the ballpark and right into our room. There are no requirements necessary for students to join, and each week is a unique and exciting experience.


    Our young students will start using fundamental math and science concepts to solve problems, to learn the basics of programming a robot, and to discover how to successfully work in a team and learn from each other. Young students will love using their creativity all while developing their dexterity, social, and critical thinking skills. This session we will be exploring animals of the savanna and gearing up and gearing down. There are no requirements necessary for students to join, and each week is a unique and exciting experience.


    Introduce your preschooler to the fun of learning, building, and playing the Bricks 4 Kidz way! For the first five weeks, learn about everyday things around the house, such as keys, mailboxes, lamps, then build using DUPLO bricks! Then It’s All About Me for the second five weeks, where preschoolers build a face and x-ray learning about emotions and their body. This class introduces developmentally-appropriate concepts with the use of LEGO DUPLO blocks and full-color model plans.


    In this scrumptious class, kids will tantalize their taste buds and have fun with food! Learn how to make different recipes each week! Discover the math of measuring, nutrition, dinning etiquette, and cooperation skills as you work in teams to cook delicious meals. Space is limited, so sign up today.


    Join Coach Joel for his 20th year at Fairmont coaching basketball. Coach Joel will teach the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and shooting for basketball. Three on three plays will be introduced as well as other games and drills that will develop your child’s abilities. Sign up today and start the fun. No child is ever left out!


    This class will introduce children to the fundamentals of yoga through imagery, poses, and breathing techniques. Our yoga program is an engaging way to develop focusing skills and expand children’s imaginations with the use of fun class themes. This class will increase balance, flexibility, focus, and cooperation while encouraging children to have fun and be creative! *Children are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat.*

Historic Anaheim Campus Location

12421 Newport Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Historic Anaheim Campus

1557 W. Mable Street Anaheim, CA 92805

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