Fairmont Homestay

Make a difference in the life of an international student and broaden your own family's cultural awareness. Fairmont Private Schools is seeking qualified host families to provide a "home away from home" for our international students. When you host a student from overseas you'll enrich your own life while benefiting from monthly compensation or tuition reimbursement at one of Fairmont Private Schools' five Orange County campuses.

Please click here to read about Fairmont Homestay in the September 2014 issue of Marmalade.

What is a Host Family?

A family or individual who opens their home to one or more international students for one or more school years. Hosts provide international students comfortable accommodations, meals and an introduction to the American way of life.

Why be a Host Family?

  • As compensation for the arrangement, host families receive payment of $1,150 per month (taxable income).
  • Hosting an international student is an exceptional way to learn about other cultures. International students are eager to share information and anecdotes about their food, customs and culture with their host family.
  • Children within the host family especially enjoy having a new housemate and the opportunity to make an international friend.
  • Hosting an international student can be mentioned on resumes or in college admissions essays to demonstrate intercultural experience.
  • Many hosts maintain unique friendships with their former housemates for years to come.
  • Hosts experience the satisfaction of helping an international student through the challenging process of adapting to life in a new country.
  • Hosts can make their own contribution to fostering better international relations by enlightening international students about United States culture.

How do we get started?

Attend an upcoming info session and to have your questions answered about hosting an international student.

International Student Orientation Videos


Important Dates - Summer 2015

  • FP/IFY Summer Classes (Current students) June 8 - July 30
  • Prep Summer Classes June 23 - July 30
  • Two week English Acquisition Camps (grades 7-12) at the Prep starting June 22 through July 31
  • "Jump Start" FP/IFY program (new students) July 20 - August 7
  • Immersion groups five week stay (approximately) July 1 - August 6
  • New students arrive approximately August 7-9
  • Fall international student orientation August 10 - 14
  • New Student Orientation August 17

Downloads & Forms

Part one of the homestay application is to be submitted electronically. The document is a writable PDF. Please save the form to your computer and then complete the form, save again and email the completed version along with your pictures to homestay@fairmontschools.com.

Dear Potential Host Family
Host Mom Testimonial
Homestay Student Testimonial
Host Family Rules
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number
Fairmont Host Application Part 1
Fairmont Host Application Part 2
Fairmont Student Transportation Schedule 2014-2015 School Year (P-12 Grade)

Tutorial on downloading, completing, and submitting the Fairmont Host Application Part I:

For more information, please contact:

Homestay Programs Manager

Homestay Coordinator